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Winning Strategies Workbook … now available!

WSWB_FRONTCVRI am delighted to announce that my latest book, Winning Strategies Workbook, is now out and available on Amazon (here are the links for Amazon UK, Amazon France, Amazon US and Amazon Canada).

Whether you would like to simply clarify your goals or motivation, manage your time more effectively or figure out your personal life priorities, the steps in this workbook will help. It will also help with you to overcome any negative internal dialogue and boost your confidence to help you be at your best. Additionally, with specific performance enhancing skills to calm any nerves and boost your confidence, you will almost guarantee success!

If you are a sports person stepping up to the start line of a big event, a business person about to do a big presentation or simply looking for tips and tricks to give your life a boost, completing the exercises in this book can make a difference.

Working through this workbook, based on the concepts from Winning Strategies for Sports and Life (also available on Amazon), will be like having your own personal coach (me!) by your side! By exploring the different mental skills and strategies that impact on your abilities, you will develop mental toughness to switch yourself on for any performance. With inspirational quotations through the workbook, you will get that boost of motivation and inspiration to keep on track!

With brief overviews to each section, clear instructions for the steps and lots of space to write your answers, this workbook can be used by working through it from start to finish or simply jump into a section if you want to brush up on a particular skill or area of your life.

Overall, this Winning Strategies Workbook walks you step-by-step through a peak performance process and combines elements from life coaching, neuro-linguistic programming and sports psychology. It is based on my work with athletes, at all levels from amateur to world championship, and with people in the business world from entry level to CEOs or even presentation managers.

For my French-speaking friends, I am delighted to say that both this Winning Strategies Workbook and Winning Strategies for Sports and Life are being translated into French and expected to be available in early 2017.

Pour mes amis français, je suis très heureuse d’annoncer que mes livres, Winning Strategies Workbook et Winning Strategies for Sports and Life sont en cours d’être traduit en français et attendre qu’ils soient disponible au début 2017.

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