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About Midgie

I specialise in ‘Inspiring Excellence’ as a Corporate Creativity and Personal Performance trainer, coach and speaker. With a post-graduate degree in Learning and Development, a Master Practitioner qualification in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and in Hypnotherapy; I help individuals become more creative, effective and happy in all that they do.

Everyone can benefit from and use creativity in their professional and personal lives. Creativity is not just for artists and ‘creatives’. Creativity is now becoming a sought after skill in the workplace. I help people explore and develop their attitudes, beliefs and approaches towards creativity within a business environment. This in turn helps them to become more creative in their personal lives.

In regards to Personal Performance, everything we do can be considered like a performance; be that a presentation, a job interview or even an important meeting. What I do is help people use the same strategies as top level athletes to manage their personal energy and achieve high performances in all areas of their life.

I currently teach Creativity in Business at both Brighton University (Brighton, UK) and EDHEC (Nice, France), have been a presenter at the ACRE creativity conference in South Africa and a keynote speaker on topics related to creativity, performance and lifestyle. The aim of all what I do is to help individuals come up with creative ideas and raise their performances while maintaining a healthy balance in their lives.

I am a published author of Winning Strategies for Sports and Life (2013) and Winning Strategies Workbook (2016), a peak performance book and companion workbook available on Amazon, also published Soar with Confidence (2014) available on Bookboon. I have also been featured in various media as a spokesperson on mental preparation skills, peak performance, goal setting, motivation and confidence building.

I have worked in a variety of roles in the public, private and voluntary sectors in Canada, the UK and now in Nice, France. In the corporate world, I have worked with individuals from entry-level to deputy minister level and with athletes from beginner to world championship-level.

I currently live in Nice, France, and return often to Brighton, UK. When I am not working, I am out running (having completed several marathons) and currently training to complete my first half ironman triathlon (1.9k swim, 98k bike and 21k run).


Testimonials … what others say about Midgie

“I was sceptical at first but so glad I took the leap of faith. I am now a more confident, positive and centered athlete and person generally. Looking forward to when I don’t have to consciously think about using my ‘Midgie Mechanics’ and it happens more naturally.” – J. Parker

“I was surprised and pleased to see how the coaching, initially around a sporting goal, spread into other areas of my life and has helped my confidence. I think the fact that Midgie is a sports person herself makes it easier for her to empathise with my drive to achieve such goals. I found the whole experience very beneficial and have highly recommend her to others.” – D. Yeats

“I have undergone surgery due to a sport injury. Midgie was brilliant she ‘reframed’ how I saw my situation. She has this innate ability to change the way you think about a situation, to put a ‘positive’ stance on it, and to shift your thinking. I highly recommend Midgie if you want to be the BEST you can be!” – T. Reay

“The race specific exercises have been particularly beneficial and my preparation for a race is much more meticulous, organised and rehearsed which has proved invaluable. It helped me deal with pre-race nerves and focus. I found it much easier to get ‘in the zone’.”– D. Aitchison

“The mental preparation coaching helped me appreciate that sport is important but not the most important aspect of my life. It has helped me to have a more positive approach and given me tools to develop more confidence, self-belief and dealing with the ‘I want to stop’ fatigue. I’m a convert and will definitely continue to use and develop the skills I learnt with Midgie!”– C. Madden

“Midgie, as a sports woman herself, amazingly managed to encourage me to use practices that I readily use for high level sport on my work issues; something I have never thought of doing before. I was very impressed that she married the two techniques, simple yet brilliant. I am incredibly excited about having her on board in support of my 2012 Olympic bid – I think she could arm me with the mind tools I need to succeed at this level.”– B. Anderson

“I found Midgie’s session very useful for both work and “play” (is that what they call marathon training) and have even used some of the session handout on objective setting to the managers for their benefit too. It was fun as well as educational with the right amount of informality about it.” – R. Beldon

“Midgie is a passionate and dynamic speaker. Her session was extremely helpful and I left with very practical skills to use in my competition.” – J. Eyre

“Your insightful and well chosen words made the process of visualization so clear that I am still amazed that such apparently simple steps can so easily assist me in reaching inward and invoking the beauty and power of running.” – B. Woodford

“I went into her session thinking that it was always good to reinforce what I already knew. Little did I know that after that session I would have mental tools to take myself further that I ever expected! I followed her suggestions and ran the race of my life! I now use the trigger developed that day in my daily life.” – C. Lowe


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