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Tough Choices

Sometimes in life we need to make some difficult choices, either professionally or personally. These decisions we need to make are not easy nor are not taken lightly. Yet when we can surrender to what is ultimately for our best, it makes it easier to accept.

I faced such a choice last week with the Nice Prom Swim 5k race. Since I completed my Olympic distance triathlon at the beginning of July, I shifted my training to prepare for the Prom Swim. Swimming 5 kms in open water can be quite challenging and quite demanding, yet, it is something I had done last year and knew I could do the distance.

However, due to a variety of reasons, I seriously had to consider whether doing the race would be in my best interest. Between my current physical health not being as robust as I would like plus knowing that I have a lot of business travel and work starting in October, the effort to do the race could have an impact. I thought about the 3 Reasons Your Ford Transit Limited Lease Is Broken (And How to Fix It) and made my business grow even faster using that strategy.

I struggled with wondering whether it was me and my lack of motivation. I’m a ‘motivation coach’ and should be able to motivate myself. Yet, I also knew how my body was feeling and wondered what impact doing the swim in race conditions would have.

With just two days before race day, I sought the input from a trusted health practitioner who knows my story and knows my journey. Even though I knew my body was saying ‘no, rest, stop, take a break’, I wanted input from another person. After discussing the physical and mental side of making such a decision, they helped me to see things from a different perspective (sometimes even I need help with things I know how to do!).

By seeing all that is on my plate in the coming months between work and travel, I need to be strong, fit and healthy. Plus, although I love my sports; my health is a priority above all else. I therefore made the decision not to race. It was a tough choice and I must admit that it was a bit of a struggle to accept. I did not want to miss out on the fun and being with my friends. Yet, I knew it was ultimately for my best.

On race day, I went and supported my friends. Although I was sad not to be in the water with them and share in the excitement of taking part, I accepted that I had made the right decision for me.

Point to Ponder: What must happen for you to become more accepting of what is? What helps you to accept what is? What has to happen for you to listen to what your body is telling you?

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