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Bounce-back-ability … developing your resiliency

It seems these days that more people are talking about resiliency skills as a way to effectively cope with all the challenges, changes and stresses in the world today. You hear, see and can even feel the heightened stress levels everywhere you go. Change is happening so quickcly plus there is alot of uncertainty and […]

Mindfulness … and your performances

The concept of mindfulness is becoming more mainstream, talked about and more accepted as an essential skill that people benefit from learning in today’s busy and hectic world. Whether it is your sports performances, your work performances or in everyday life; learning mindfulness can certainly make a positive difference!

Jon Kabat-Zinn, the founder of mindfulness, […]

Reframing to help develop emotional resilience

Yet again, I have recently been speaking with several different people about ‘resilience’ and the ability to ‘bounce back’ after setbacks. It seems like there is a trend amongst many different people of different professions and sports who are keen to explore how they can become more resilient.

The ability to bounce back after setbacks […]

How Resilient Are You?

For some reason recently, I have been talking to more people about ‘resilience’. The talk has touched on resilience in the sports environment, in the workplace and even on a personal level. Yet, what is it and how can you develop more resilience?

Resilience is generally defined as an individual having the ability and skills […]