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Priorities – Knowing what is most important to you

I have often coached people who struggle while juggling the different responsibilities and things to do. This continual juggling can be exhausting when they feel the need to switch between what is important and urgent, in that moment.

Yet what can help with this juggling is to be clear on what are your values, […]

Tough Choices

Sometimes in life we need to make some difficult choices, either professionally or personally. These decisions we need to make are not easy nor are not taken lightly. Yet when we can surrender to what is ultimately for our best, it makes it easier to accept.

I faced such a choice last week with the […]

Even with the Best of Intentions … Getting Back on Track

First of all, this is going to be a revealing blog as I have to admit something! I have to admit that even though I coach others to stay on track, to maintain their focus on their goals and to take regular action … I could have benefited from having a coach myself these past […]

Priorities – are you clear on yours?

Have you ever been working on a big project and then something comes along demanding your time and attention? Perhaps your boss or a client asked if you can provide something at short notice for something like a proposal they are about to do or a very important meeting they are going to or. Many […]

Measures of Success

I frequently talk to clients about defining their own measures of success and I have recently been reflecting on my own measures. In the past month, I have experienced two house moves and this is a part of the reason why I haven’t been writing any blog posts (time to make the move and settle […]

Picking up and dusting off those goals!

Sometimes life takes over and with the best will in the world, and with the best of intentions, some people stop taking regular and consistent actions towards their goals. Yet rather than letting things continue to slide, why not stop, review and reflect for a few moments. It seems like it was only yesterday that […]

Now What? Refocusing after achieving a big goal

Have you recently achieved a big goal and now wondering, what next? Maybe you have take some time off to rest and relax, to recover from all that hard work you put in to achieve the big goal, and perhaps you are now gazing out to the horizon wondering what next.

Several clients have just […]

Now out … Winning Strategies for Sports and Life

I am thrilled to finally announce that my book, Winning Strategies for Sports and Life, is now published and available on Amazon in print and kindle versions.

Here are links to Amazon UK, Amazon US and Amazon Canada.

Since founding Bright Futures Coaching 12 years ago, I have coached hundreds of clients to achieve great […]

Believe & Achieve Goal Setting Workshop

I had the pleasure of delivering an exciting goal-setting workshop to the NASUWT Young Teachers Conference on 26th January 2013 called ‘Believe and Achieve’.

We kicked off the session by exploring our dreams. Every goal starts by having a dream of the possibilities of things we want to be, do and have in our lives. […]