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Inspiration from Marathon Day

Today may people are either running, supporting or watching the London Marathon. As I sit here at home doing some work, I have the marathon on the TV and listening to the progress. From elite runners, celebrities, serious club runners and everyone else out there to raise money for some great charities, it’s amazing to […]

How Resilient Are You?

For some reason recently, I have been talking to more people about ‘resilience’. The talk has touched on resilience in the sports environment, in the workplace and even on a personal level. Yet, what is it and how can you develop more resilience?

Resilience is generally defined as an individual having the ability and skills […]

Defining Success for You

As many of you progress with your goals this year, you have most likely already defined what the goal will be. You might have written out your goals in a SMART way and clearly spelled out what the goal achievement will look like. Yet, have you taken any time to reflect on what achieving the […]

Thoughts and your reality

Your thoughts do indeed become your reality!

I was speaking with a client yesterday about the importance of our thoughts and how they impact on performance. The client had been reading a book which initially they thought would be inspirational because it was about an athlete in their sport, yet in fact, reading the book […]

Coming soon … Winning Strategies for Sports and Life

I know I have been rather quiet for a while and it is because I have been busy putting the finishing touches on my book. I expect it to be out and available on amazon both in book and kindle versions within the next month! So, watch this space!

It has been an interesting journey […]

October newsletter – Energize Your Life

October newsletter – Energize Your Life

September has been a busy month and we are fast approaching mid-October! Doesn’t time just seem to fly by when you are busy! What I’ve been busy with has been my new website and facebook page. Plus, I’ve also been working on my book!

I’d love to know what […]