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Article in ANLP’s Rapport Magazine – August 2014

I was delighted to have an article in ANLP’s Rapport magazine, issue 40 August 2014. Here is what appeared.



Review of Winning Strategies in H2Open magazine

I am delighted to read another great review of my book Winning Strategies for Sports and Life in the August / September 2013 edition of H2Open – Open Water Swimming magazine.

As a founding member and contributor to the magazine, I continue to enjoy the magazine and it inspires me to get out in the […]

Some highs and lows of big challenges

Just this morning I was chatting with a girl who is about to swim the English Channel next week as part of a relay team. Although she has done all the training that was suggested by her coach, she was saying that she felt she had not done enough.

How many of you have felt […]

Focus and performance … and sharks!

I was chatting with a friend this morning about focus, and what to do when it all feels like hard work. Even though the general feeling was that we may be motivated to achieve our goals, it still can be hard work and we can still struggle to do what we need to do. So, […]

Thoughts and your reality

Your thoughts do indeed become your reality!

I was speaking with a client yesterday about the importance of our thoughts and how they impact on performance. The client had been reading a book which initially they thought would be inspirational because it was about an athlete in their sport, yet in fact, reading the book […]

Now out … Winning Strategies for Sports and Life

I am thrilled to finally announce that my book, Winning Strategies for Sports and Life, is now published and available on Amazon in print and kindle versions.

Here are links to Amazon UK, Amazon US and Amazon Canada.

Since founding Bright Futures Coaching 12 years ago, I have coached hundreds of clients to achieve great […]

Coming soon … Winning Strategies for Sports and Life

I know I have been rather quiet for a while and it is because I have been busy putting the finishing touches on my book. I expect it to be out and available on amazon both in book and kindle versions within the next month! So, watch this space!

It has been an interesting journey […]

Sneak Peek … Winning Strategies – An Overview

I am very pleased to make available an overview of my upcoming book, Winning Strategies for Sports and Life. This book, currently in the final stages before publication, outlines a step-by-step process for achieving peak performances.

It combines life coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and sports psychology concepts to help you be the best you can […]

October newsletter – Energize Your Life

October newsletter – Energize Your Life

September has been a busy month and we are fast approaching mid-October! Doesn’t time just seem to fly by when you are busy! What I’ve been busy with has been my new website and facebook page. Plus, I’ve also been working on my book!

I’d love to know what […]