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Overcoming our habit of excuses

How often have you (and I ask myself this as well!) taken a decision to start a new habit and to take action for a new and exciting goal? The energy and enthusiasm is there for that goal and for a new habit you will start, yet, for one reason or another, you either […]

Stretching Your Comfort Zones and Magic

Many of us are quite comfortable without our ‘comfort zones’. We know what we are doing, where we are doing and how to do things. There is more things ‘known’ than ‘unknown’ and with that certainty, all is well. Yet, what happens just outside this comfort zone?

Well, magic can happen! When we step outside […]

Facing Those Fears … and getting on with it!

Can any of you relate to having fears that you struggled to face? Did you procrastinate, avoid or make excuses to not do it? How many of you can relate to finally doing that scary thing, facing the fear and then wondering why you put it off for so long?

I suspect that you probably […]

Race day … what’s the big deal?

Yesterday and today seems to be race day for many people. Lots of friends in Brighton did the Brighton marathon, some new friends did the Cannes International Triathlon (one coming in 18th place!) while others are doing the Boston Marathon today. Then, next week, many friends are heading to the London Marathon and I’ll be […]

Stretching Comfort Zones

Sitting within one’s comfort zone can be an easy thing to do. It can mean that life is relatively simple, straightforward and easy without having to think to much. Yet, how much do we actually grow if we stay within that comfort zone? Have you ever wondered when might be a good time to stretch […]

RISE half marathon preparation workshop – January 2015

I had the pleasure of deliver another workshop to help the RISE UK runners prepare for the Brighton Half Marathon last Thursday, 22th January and then again on Saturday, 24th January. The focus of this session was how to manage race nerves as well as strategies to boost their confidence.

We kicked off the session […]

Article in the Brighton Phoenix March 2014 newsletter

My triathlon club featured me, along with other member’s who are coaches/therapists.

Page 9 from the Brighton Phoenix Newsletter – March 2014

Another great pre-marathon workshop for RISE runners

There was another great pre-marathon workshop for RISE charity runners last Thursday, 16th January 2014. The main focus of the mind session was on overcoming race nerves and boosting confidence. The combination of lowering those nerves and raising confidence levels helps you to be at your best!

We talked about how routines can help calm […]

RISE runners pre-marathon workshop

I had the pleasure of recently delivering a workshop to help the RISE UK runners prepare mentally for the Brighton Half Marathon in February 2014. This workshop was held at the Studio57 Clinic in Hove. Studio57 also support RISE by providing the premises and the workshop to help the runners physically prepare.

RISE UK is […]

Some highs and lows of big challenges

Just this morning I was chatting with a girl who is about to swim the English Channel next week as part of a relay team. Although she has done all the training that was suggested by her coach, she was saying that she felt she had not done enough.

How many of you have felt […]