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Coaching article on Healthista website

I was delighted to have been contacted by Caroline Phillips, an award-winning journalist who has written about health for publications from the Evening Standard to Telegraph, from the Express to The Times, for some coaching.

Caroline initially said she wanted help with a goal of writing a book. We covered so much more than just […]

Picking up and dusting off those goals!

Sometimes life takes over and with the best will in the world, and with the best of intentions, some people stop taking regular and consistent actions towards their goals. Yet rather than letting things continue to slide, why not stop, review and reflect for a few moments. It seems like it was only yesterday that […]

Inspiration from Marathon Day

Today may people are either running, supporting or watching the London Marathon. As I sit here at home doing some work, I have the marathon on the TV and listening to the progress. From elite runners, celebrities, serious club runners and everyone else out there to raise money for some great charities, it’s amazing to […]

RISE half marathon preparation workshop – January 2015

I had the pleasure of deliver another workshop to help the RISE UK runners prepare for the Brighton Half Marathon last Thursday, 22th January and then again on Saturday, 24th January. The focus of this session was how to manage race nerves as well as strategies to boost their confidence.

We kicked off the session […]

Give Yourself a Boost

January is the typical time of year that people do some goal setting. The key to goal setting and confidence building is that you can give yourself a pat on the back when you achieve each goal, and acknowledge an achievement. This helps you feel good about you, which then helps you feel more confident.


Small versus Big Goals for 2015!

This is the traditional time of year where people are looking ahead to the new year and setting goals.

Before jumping in with what you want to achieve next year, why not take a moment to reflect on this year. For me, there has been many highs and lows and it felt good to make […]

Talk at Starr Trust Hub – BN Athlete

I am delighted to share the video from a talk I delivered last November at the Starr Trust Hub event – BN Athlete

I really loved being able to share with the young people what being an athlete means to me and was delighted to inspire them to stretch their comfort zones and to […]

RISE UK runners workshop

I had the pleasure of delivering a workshop to help RISE UK runners prepare mentally for the Brighton Half Marathon in February 2015 and the Brighton Marathon in April 2015. This workshop was held at the Studio57 Clinic in Hove. RISE UK is a local domestic abuse charity that I have supported for several years […]

Winning Strategies Workbook … now available!

I am delighted to announce that my latest book, Winning Strategies Workbook, is now out and available on Amazon (here are the links for Amazon UK, Amazon France, Amazon US and Amazon Canada).

Whether you would like to simply clarify your goals or motivation, manage your time more effectively or figure out your personal life […]

Article in ANLP’s Rapport Magazine – August 2014

I was delighted to have an article in ANLP’s Rapport magazine, issue 40 August 2014. Here is what appeared.