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The Bigger Picture

Sometimes we can get so wrapped up in our ‘stuff’ that we fail to pause long enough to step back and see a bigger picture and was wondering what it takes for people to pause long enough and see that bigger picture view.

Take for instance when people have an injury. Some people get so […]

New habits … baby steps again

Whenever I want to start a new habit, a new routine, I have had the tendency of wanting to rush straight in and change everything that needs to be changed, all at once. Perhaps some of you might relate to those new’s years resolutions where people start the year with great intentions of doing great […]

Expectations vs Reality

Expectations versus reality, how different can they be?!? How often have your expectations met the reality you experienced? Sometimes you may have been pleasantly surprised and delighted whereas other times not so much so.

I moved into the flat in Villefranche (east of Nice) on Saturday where I will be renting for the next four […]

Energize Your Career, Energize Your Life

This past week I was back in the UK to deliver a workshop called Energize Your Career. The aim of this workshop was to provide participants with the building blocks and structure to set goals for themselves and their future careers, with the use of different courses and training as a pmp certification boston ma […]