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Stretching Your Comfort Zones and Magic

Many of us are quite comfortable without our ‘comfort zones’. We know what we are doing, where we are doing and how to do things. There is more things ‘known’ than ‘unknown’ and with that certainty, all is well. Yet, what happens just outside this comfort zone?

Well, magic can happen! When we step outside our comfort zones, when we stretch ourselves, when we overcome beliefs of ‘I can’t’; we give ourselves the gift of growing in so many ways.

Well, I did something scary the other week and stretched my comfort zones. I did a 100km bike ride! For cyclists or ironmen/women triathletes, 100km might seem like an easy do-able ride. Yet, for others like myself, it is a big milestone!

So why was it such a milestone? Well, it seemed like the magic number to challenge myself. It is a serious endeavor and I had to be prepared for it, physically and mentally. I also had to overcome the belief that it would be hard and that I couldn’t do it.

It was more the mental barrier of possibilities than an actual physical one. Even though it was quite a physical effort! I wonder what other mental barriers we put in place to hold us back and to keep us in our comfort zones. I knew I wanted to stretch myself in this particular way!

A coaching question I often ask clients when talking about their goals is ‘what would it mean when you achieve your goal?’. I had to ponder that question myself. For me, achieving that distance of cycling 100 km proved that I COULD do it. It also helped to give me a boost of confidence that when I really want something, I can go after it and get it. Although I stretched myself with a physical challenge, I know that I can use the same determination, discipline and belief to pursue and achieve other challenges.

So, excitedly looking forward to what magic will happen in other areas of my life!

Point to Ponder: In what areas of your life would you like to try something new and stretch your comfort zones? What preparation or support do you need to do it? What will it mean when you achieve your goal?


p.s. The photo is of me at the end of my 100 km ride, a bit wet from the downpour I cycled through, yet happy I’d done it!

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