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RISE runners workshop – Summary

The first workshop for RISE UK runners was held on Saturday, 3rd November 2012, on the premises of Studio57 in Hove. Julie Hales from RISE was on hand as well as Katie Schram of FitBitch, Elle and Mitch Phillips of Studio57 and myself.

In addition to an introduction by Julie to the RISE charity, Katie’s session on basic running technique and a question and answer session by Elle and Mitch, I talked to the runners about goals and motivation.

All the runners have signed up to the Brighton half Marathon in February 2013, yet none have ever completed a half marathon before. I suggested that if they could run 1 mile, then all they needed to do is repeat that 13 times! Often times a simple shift in perspective can help them believe that they can achieve their goal!

I encouraged the first-time runners to simply have the goal of crossing the finish line, with a smile on their faces and to enjoy the experience. They might also consider setting other goals such as following a structured training program, managing their negative internal dialogue, building strong self-confidence, maintaining focus on what is important among many others.

I also encouraged the runners to gain a sense of achievement and satisfaction from setting fewer goals and achieving them, rather than having so many goals and not achieving them. The positive feelings associated with achievement fuels more action, incentive and motivation to keep on going. This is along the lines of having a short ‘to do’ list and getting it done versus a long ‘to do’ list and not getting through it all. Not achieving all the things you want to achieve can be demotivating, demoralizing and loss of incentive to keep on going. So, rather than say they will run six days a week, commit to running three or four and if they do more then it is a bonus!

We also talked about making a plan of what steps to take and this is where having a structured training program comes into play. Treating the time for a scheduled run just like they would treat any appointment they had in the diary is one way to ensure that they do what they need to do. They also needed to have check-points along the way to monitor whether they are on track with their program. If they notice they have diverted off their course, then these check-points are a good stopping point to review, reflect and readjust things so they do get back on track.

Overall, by taking small steps along the way, they build up their confidence, their belief that they can do it and that they will achieve it!

A summary of the steps to help them ‘Believe and Achieve’ are

  1. Decide on the main goal that they want to pursue and explore what it will give them when they do achieve the goal. Making sure to identify smaller goals that will be stepping stones towards their main goal.
  2. Plan what steps they need to take to get them there. This is where some outside help might come into play because having a structured program will help them arrive at the end goal safely and reduce the possibility of injury.
  3. Action – Take regular and consistent action towards their goal. Ensure they maintain focus on what is important to them and what their priorities are for that period of time until they reach their goal.
  4. Confidence – Strengthen their belief and their confidence that they can do it by recognizing each small step along the way is a step further than before!

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