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Revealing blog … about why I wrote Winning Strategies

Today’s blog is a very personal one as I wanted to share with you a bit of background as to how my book, Winning Strategies, came about.

I have always had an interest and a curiosity about what makes people good at what they do. I wondered if the was some sort of formula that made the difference between people. I was curious about the difference between those good athletes, those great ones and the ones that seemed truly amazing.

Yes, there certainly was a difference in their genetic makeup and whether they had the physical capability and technical skill to do what they do. Yet, I learned that it was actually their mindset that actually made the biggest difference. So, I started to explore how to develop those mind skills in my life.

This became even more relevant after I had become ill. OK, so I burned the proverbial candle at both end, and in the middle, so it was not surprising that my body decided it did not want to play that game any more! During the time I was ill, I could not eat or even drink. To be somewhat graphic, even a milky cup of tea would not stay in me! As I started to be able to keep food in, I literally had to lie down and be horizontal while I digested the food before I had any energy to be upright again. Lounging on the sofa after a meal was not possible as I’d get to lightheaded and feel faint!

During this recovery process, sports achievements were the furthest thing in my mind. I simply wanted to rejoin the human race again and be able to function as a ‘normal’ human being – to be able to go to work, to contribute and to have a social life! I had to literally eat, breath and live recovery.

Everything I did had an impact on my ability to function like a normal human being again. If I ate foods that taxed my body like high fat or processed foods, I would feel it and become weak again. If I became stressed or upset about something. I would feel it and become weak again. If I had a schedule that was to heavy and busy, I would feel it and become weak again! So everything I did had an impact on my energy levels and my ability to function.

I soon realized that those peak performers also applied similar approaches to what they did. They ate, breathed and lived for their sport. All they did was focused and geared towards helping them and supporting them to be the best they could be.

So, the steps I took, and what I found out that athletes did to be the best they can be, is contained in the  Winning Strategies book.


Midgie Thompson is a coach, trainer, motivational speaker and author who specializes in improving individual and team performance in sport, business and life. Midgie uses techniques derived from coaching, NLP and sport psychology to help individuals raise their game and be the best they can be. She has developed her own methodology for getting the best out of yourself in her book, “Winning Strategies – for Sports and Life” available from Amazon.

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