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Recording from radio interview on DreamCorner about the Olympics


Recording from radio interview on DreamCorner about the Olympics

I’m pleased to say that yesterday’s inerview on DreamCorner went superbly, and if you want to listen to the recording, here is the link:

The conversation between myself, Karen Weir, Lorraine Emmett and Viv Oyolu just flowed. The two hours went quickly and it was over before we realized!

All of us passionately talking about what it takes to beomce an Olympic athlete from a physical and mental perspective. We also talked about everyday regular people who are considering getting out there taking part in some form of physical activity and how the same mental strategies can be applied elsewhere in our lives such as presentations, job intereviews and basically anywhere where we want to switch ourselves on and be the best we can be at a given moment!


If you have any feedback or any questions how you can develop your mental strategies, get in touch either by email or call me on +44 (0) 1273 906 216 (UK) or +1 704 557 0126 (US).

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