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Priorities – Knowing what is most important to you

I have often coached people who struggle while juggling the different responsibilities and things to do. This continual juggling can be exhausting when they feel the need to switch between what is important and urgent, in that moment.

Yet what can help with this juggling is to be clear on what are your values, what is important to you and what you do. Values are defined, according to the Oxford Dictionary, as “the regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something.” It is also the “principles or standards of behavior; one’s judgement of what is important in life.”

By taking the time to consider what your values are, you will then make it easier for yourself when evaluating your priorities and deciding on how to manage that juggling act. When you acknowledge what is important to you, you can then make decisions that are in alignment with what is important to you and how you want to live your life. You might remind yourself of your values to help you make decisions such as a job to pursue, a promotion, where to live, what activities to pursue, and even where you might go on holidays.

To help you identify your values, you might reflect on past experiences and draw out elements of what is important. The experiences you could reflect upon are times when you were the happiest, the proudest and the most fulfilled. By taking a step back to help you see the bigger picture of your life and the key events, you can more easily identify those events where your core values were being honored.

When you think of these different times, what is it about them that made you happy, proud and fulfilled? Are there are similarities in these experiences? If there are similarities, this might signal a core value for you. Looking at all these elements, can you now prioritize what is most important to you for your personal life and for your professional life?

When we get clear on what our values are and what their priorities are in our lives, we can more easily make decisions about what to do and when to do things.

Point to Ponder: What stands out for you as being important in your life? Can you relate to times when you took actions that were against your values? What happened and how did that feel? What about times when you made decisions which honored your values?


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