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Now What? Refocusing after achieving a big goal

Have you recently achieved a big goal and now wondering, what next? Maybe you have take some time off to rest and relax, to recover from all that hard work you put in to achieve the big goal, and perhaps you are now gazing out to the horizon wondering what next.

Several clients have just completed their Spring Marathons. Between Brighton, London or Paris city marathons, many runners have trained hard and focused on their big goal for the past several months. Now that it is over, they may be feeling a sense of loss as to what is next. I know I felt somewhat like that after I finished my books.

Whenever we focus on a big goal for a long time, all our efforts, activity and energy has been focused upon preparing to achieve that goal. Then, once it is completed and achieved, there is space in the diary. It is indeed important to take time for recovery. So, times where you previously went and trained, or did something to help you achieve that big goal, now there is space that can be filled with other things. This space can be an uncomfortable place for some people. Yet it can be an important space to take to help with the recovery for your body and your mind.

One thing to help to ensure your mindset remains positive is to reflect upon the significance of having achieved this goal. What does achieving this goal mean to you? What difference to your life will it make? What ripple effect does having achieved this goal mean for you? When you can see the bigger picture and the significant of this goal to the rest of your life, you can sit more comfortably with it all.

Once you have taken some time and enjoyed the success of your achievement, what can you next focus upon? What might your next goal be? Do you have any big goals that you might be tempted to pursue? How can you use a similar approach to achieving a big goal and preparing for a marathon elsewhere in your life? Once you pick another goal to focus on – be that in the same area as before or elsewhere – you can fill those gaps of time.

So, what is next for you? What will your next goal be?



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