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Mindset Matters

mindsetYou know how sometimes you hear something you already known, yet it has a particular impact at that point in time? Perhaps it is because we needed that reminder at that time or because we hear it differently, yet whatever the case, it has a strong resonance!

Well, that recently happened to me as I watched a TEDx talk called Change Your Mindset, Change Your Game by Dr Alia Crum. Even though I have read a lot about mindset and much of what I do related to coaching individuals in sports performance is about mindset, I found this particular talk really powerful!

Dr Crum cited several studies from medicine, exercise, diet and stress proving how the mindset affected outcomes. The results were what I would have expected; having a positive outlook and mindset resulted in more positive outcomes. Yet, I found her convincers stunning, particularly the example of two groups testing a shake; one was a diet version, the other a decadently rich version. The results proved that a person’s mindset towards what they are doing has a very real and very tangible physical effect. Yet, there is a stunning unexpected twist in that particular study and I will let you go watch the video to find out what that is!

She also made mention about how we perceive aging. Many of us have the belief that our health declines as we get older. Yet, she challenges us to think differently. What would it be like if we say the aging process as one where we increased in widsom and grew as a human being? Yes, you still have to take care of your physical body however having a different attitude and approach to aging could make a world of difference. I don’t know about you, however I most definitely like that shift in perspective!

This particular topic of mindset resonated for another reason. I am currently reading Sue Moore’s book, Just Another 5K: Trials and Tribulation of a Women’s Quest to Run a Marathon (link to Amazon Australia and it can also be bought in the UK store). This books is part personal journal of Sue’s journey from non-athlete to becoming a runner and part recovery. Two weeks prior to the Melbourne Marathon, Sue received the diagnosis that she had eight lesions on her brain. She had an incurable degenerative health disease which stopped her in her tracks. Yet, because of Sue’s mindset and beliefs, she made dramatic changes to her life and lifestyle. Although I have yet to finish the book, I know that there is a very happy ending! Some might even say a miracle!

Rather than waiting to you have a serious health issue or significant setback, what mindset do you chose to have today? How can you frame certain situations in a more positive manner?

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