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Measures of Success

fixing-marketing-measurementI frequently talk to clients about defining their own measures of success and I have recently been reflecting on my own measures. In the past month, I have experienced two house moves and this is a part of the reason why I haven’t been writing any blog posts (time to make the move and settle in)  however I have been writing elsewhere and I will publish links when they are up and live.
When I think of my original measure of success regarding the blogs and updates on my France adventure, I intended to publish a short blog each week. So, if that was my only measure of success, then I would have to say that I did not succeed! However, I do have other measures of success and I have to put it into context of everything else that has been going on.
At the beginning of the year, one of my goals was ‘joy and happiness’ with the idea that when I focus on doing things that bring me joy and happiness, everything else in life on a personal and professional basis will flow. Of course, I have professional goals I want to achieve like publishing my Winning Strategies workbook (a companion workbook to my book which is coming along quite nicely!) and expanding my client base here in France. Yet, I am also ‘gifting’ myself space to enjoy life a bit more and to do things that bring me joy and happiness.
When I think back to my previous measures of success, which many people subscribe to when they are younger or less experienced is measures such as job promotions, climbing the corporate ladder, greater responsibilities including managing larger teams and budgets. Other measures of success outside of work might include having a nice house, car, vacations and money in the bank.

Yet, with a few more years of age and experience, there are other things that are also, if not more so, important. While still being committed to career progression and success, many people, including myself are taking a more balanced approach and focusing on what brings them happiness and joy. So, rather than thinking of ‘measures of success’, the focus for me is on ‘measures of happiness’.

For me, what makes me happy is connecting with family and friends and giving them undivided attention. By being fully engaged in the interaction, rather than checking the phone for messages or social media, the time spent with the other person feels so much better. Other things that make me happy was being able to help others (both at work and elsewhere) and creating some great food while trying new recipes.

By doing things that makes me feel happy, I feel more energized and more productive. So, even if I failed to deliver on my weekly blog goal, there are other measures of success that I am pleased with. By putting into perspective the time, energy and attention taken to complete two house moves, getting other writing work completed and even getting my workbook design approved and all copy now reviewed and with the designer to lay out; I am pleased with the successes from the past month!
So now, back on track with the blogs and with work!
What are your measures of success? What are your measures of happiness? How might you incorporate that into your daily life? When you review your past month, what stands out for you that you achieved? What changes might you make for the next month?

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