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Making Space for what is Important

what is importantI am currently reading a great book called Total Leadership by Stew Friedman which will help me in my life as well as help me help clients! The fact that the ideas contained in this Total Leadership programme can be key to performances is what originally caught my eye. I am all about helping myself and others to be the best they can be and achieve their greatest potential. So, finding an additional tool or strategy that can help, I’m interested!

The purpose of Total Leadership is to “improve performance in all four domains of life – work, home, community, and self – by creating mutual value among them.” It is all about living with authenticity, integrity and creativity and has three principles to Be Real, Be Whole and Be Innovative. It is not so much about achieve some sort of work/life balance, as it is about achieving four-way wins.

I am just at the beginning and am still grasping the concepts, yet, suffice to say that the exercises provided in the book are an excellent stepping stone to helping anyone identify what is truly important for them and identify what it will take to be fully satisfied. The idea of clarifying expectations of yourself and of your key ‘stakeholders’ (and that includes your family and community responsibilities and commitments), can help you to then get creative to come up with ideas to better meet or manage expectations while effectively  honoring yourself and what you need.

What is most certainly while reading this book is that the benefits of making these changes to become a more ‘total’, as in fully integrated, aligned and effective, leader, you can satisfy many areas of your life at once. Or at the very least, several areas rather than having one area fully focused on such as work to the detriment of other areas.

I love the statistics that they show, in that the levels of satisfaction, after implementing this program, increase by an average of 20% in individual’s working lives, 28% for home life, 31% for community and a whopping 39% for self; their physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual lives!

Going through this programme is an opportunity to take a step back to help you get that bigger picture perspective, review what is important and identify what it takes to be happy, fulfilled and performing effectively in all areas of your life. The process is certainly not for the weak of heart as they say, right at the start, that it generally takes about four months to complete this process!

I’m currently just reading the book and will go back and complete the exercises. Even though I believe I am pretty clear on what is important to me and how I live my life, I believe working through this programme will simply ‘sharpen the saw’ to help me become even better and even more effective in all that I do.

I will keep you posted as I progress through!

Points to ponder: What needs to happen for you to take some time to ponder what is most important to you and to determine whether your actions are aligned to support that?

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