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How Coaching

What we offer

We specialize in performance and lifestyle coaching and work working with athletes wanting to be the best they can be and individuals wanting to get into some sort of health and fitness routine.

Our services are tailored to each individual’s needs and requirements so they get the most out of their time spent with us and achieve their greatest potential.

Coaching …

We offer an initial Discovery Session (3 hours) to help clarify the individual’s goals and to explore what foundations are required to help them be the best they can be.

Following on from this initial session, Performance Coaching packages are offered as:

  • Foundation Building (4 session)
  • Event Preparation (8 sessions)
  • Performance Enhancement (12 sessions)

Whether your performances are in sport, in work or in life; the same strategies to be the best you can be apply.

As part of the Event Preparation package, we use The Attentional and Interpersonal Style (TAIS) inventory as the basis for our performance coaching.

TAIS is an online questionnaire used in sports, business and military to measure twenty different concentration skills, personal and interpersonal attributes.

The personalized profile provides information that can be used to improve performance by:

  • identifying performance strengths and weaknesses
  • providing personalized error analysis feedback
  • showing how pressure affects the athletes ability to perform
  • detailing ways to control emotions and improve concentration
  • allowing the athlete to compare themselves with the world’s greatest

The TAIS profile can also be purchased separately from the performance coaching.

Speaking …

We are passionate about sports performance and inspiring excellence in others. We therefore welcome opportunities to talk to your group or team and deliver tailored workshops for your individual requirements on topics related to psychological preparation for peak performance.

Writing …

With previous experience in technical authoring, and being a published author of a series of articles on mental preparation for peak performance, we welcome opportunities to write for your publication on performance coaching topics.

Please contact Midgie Thompson -using the details on the top left- to discuss coaching, speaking engagement or writing opportunities.