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Goals versus Habits

goals-habitsAs many of you may be aware, I have recently launched my newest book, Winning Strategies Workbook, and that was a long-held goal I wanted to achieve. Now that I have achieved that big goal, I am kind of wondering what next … what goal do I want to pursue now?

As a coach, I encourage people to dream their dreams, select goals and take action regularly and consistently. I do the same in my life too. Yet, when I recently read an article about the difference between goal setting versus habits, it really made me pause and think.

It is the regular habits that we incorporate into our lives that help us move forward and towards our goals. It is the habits that we live, day in and day out, becoming who we are and how we are. If we want to publish a book; we need to write regularly and take action to get it out there into the world. If we want to run a marathon; we need to train regularly to build up strength and stamina. If we want to get ahead in our careers; we need to do professional and personal development, network and seek out opportunities. All these habits help us to achieve that end goal. It is the process and journey that we need to focus on rather than just on that end goal.

I once read an author who suggested that goal setting might actually reduce happiness. I was shocked at this statement and couldn’t conceive why they might be saying such as thing since so many people promote the opposite. Yet, this author spoke about how people get so focused on the end result, they miss what is happening in the moments. They only see success in that end result rather than the small successes each and every day. It is the process and journey that we need to focus on rather than just that end goal. Is is the habits we put in place and practice which will help us succeed, and bring us happiness.

So what next for me and what habits will I incorporate? Well, having just recently moved (or at least it feels still recent!) to Nice, France, I want to grow my business to another level and attract clients for coaching and training. What habits will help me do that? Well, regular marketing and networking activities with local companies as well as more regular participation in relevant social media channels. (Now that I have publicly said that, you can check in on my progress and my habits!)

What habits can you put in place and help you take action towards your goals?


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