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Friends and Goal Achievement

two-friends-cute-wallpaper-768x480Last week I’ve had my best friend, Niki, visiting me in Nice. We spent time just hanging out, catching up and seeing some of the sights. Our conversation sometimes touched on the journey’s we have both taken and where we are going.  Both of us are on exciting journeys these days. While pondering what the future holds for us both, we also spoke about actually setting specific goals and what we needed to do to achieve them.

Having someone to share ideas with and get some input and advice to set goals was invaluable. Some of the key things I really appreciated about having Niki here (rather than chatting over skype) to bounce around ideas with were the following. Yet these points can equally be applied to all friends who support you as you progress towards realizing your goals.

Clarity – Friends can help you as you are setting your goal. Each time you talk through your ideas with friends (or anyone who will listen), you become more clear on things. Plus everyone may have a thought, a question or even a suggestion for you to consider which add up to more clarity on what you want to achieve and what actions you need to take.

Motivation – An important element for achieving your goals is to have support and encouragement along the way. Sometimes we can all find it tough to find the motivation to keep on going and to keep on taking action. With friend’s support, they can provide that support and that encouragement. They can be the ones to remind you of the reasons why are doing all this hard work and putting in all this time and effort. Friends can remind you of the benefits you are gaining both along the journey towards your goal and once you actually achieve your goal.

Accountability – Another important aspect of having friend’s support is a sense of accountability. Being accountable for your actions is a powerful motivator for most every person. When we commit to taking action and commit to a specific date when that action will be taken, it is human nature that we want to stand by our word and do what we will say we will do. Therefore, much like a client and a coach, you can let your friends know what you are doing and by when you are doing it, and then ask them to check in with you to make sure you are on track.

Progress – Generally, our friends want us to achieve what we set out to achieve so it will be highly likely that they will ask, in a friendly inquiring way, how things are going and what is happening with that big goal. These opportunities to update friends on your progress is an opportunity for you to take stock on all the actions you have taken and all the progress you have made. It is also an opportunity to acknowledge the successes you have achieved and those feel-good feelings can fuel you for even more action.

Although we can all set goals, make a plan and take action to succeed, having a supportive friend or friends as your personal cheerleader makes such a difference. Sharing your goal ideas with friends brings added energy and excitement to take whatever actions you need and to achieve that goal! They can also be there to cheer you on when your motivation wanes. So, start sharing and see how you can be even more successful!

So, what goal ideas will you share with your friends? Who will be the person you are accountable to on a regular basis? Who will be your greatest supporter and cheerleader as well as your biggest challenger?


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