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Facing Those Fears … and getting on with it!

Can any of you relate to having fears that you struggled to face? Did you procrastinate, avoid or make excuses to not do it? How many of you can relate to finally doing that scary thing, facing the fear and then wondering why you put it off for so long?

I suspect that you probably realized that you had nothing to fear in the first place. That all the worry, the stress and the procrastination wasn’t necessary. Yes, it was scary, yes it did stretch your comfort zones, yet, you still did it!

Well, I finally did it … hence the reason I have been quiet here for my blog the past few weeks!

I, the coach who helps others overcome their fears, believe in themselves and ‘just do it’, was procrastinating doing a big project. It has been several months that I had the green light from a university here in Nice to develop a creativity in business course, in French, and as an e-learning course.

Even though I already teach on a creativity in business course at the University in Brighton as part of a team; I would be on my own for this project, I would be delivering it in French and it would be videoed … GULP!!

I had a few personal and professional fears to face and as a result I was not making this a priority project. Isn’t it convenient how we can always find more pressing or important things to do when we want to avoid something! Housecleaning is a great one for me to do … I get the satisfaction of some achievement without doing any work-related work!

What changed? I finally tapped into something bigger that was the hook I needed to get me going. The fact that I have piqued the interest for running a creativity course for several businesses means that I need to be able to deliver. So, I realized that the university course could provide some foundations for what I can do for businesses.

This bigger hook, plus being able to accept that I was doing my best and I did not have to be 100% perfect (perfectionism at its worst!), helped me to finally get going. That gave me the boost of confidence to get on with things and just do it!

I must say a big thank you to my business mentor. I have been working with a mentor thanks for the Professional Women’s Network in Nice who facilitated this relationship and she encouraged me to commit to taking action. Without her ‘gentle nudges’ I probably would have still been housecleaning! So, a big thank you Camilla!

Point to Ponder: Where might you be holding back and procrastinating about in your life? What could be the hook that gets you going to take action now?

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