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Even with the Best of Intentions … Getting Back on Track

ways-back-on-trackFirst of all, this is going to be a revealing blog as I have to admit something! I have to admit that even though I coach others to stay on track, to maintain their focus on their goals and to take regular action … I could have benefited from having a coach myself these past few months. Well, a business coach, as I was already working with a sports coach to prepare for an Olympic distance triathlon … my first big distance event in many many years! However that’s a story for another blog!

I am surprised to realize that it has been quite some time since the last blog update and when I think of all that has happened since then, well suffice to say that a lot has happened both professionally and personally.

Sometimes we start off with the best of intentions to do something, yet life pulls us in a different direction for a while. Although I was aware that I had a different focus and priorities for a while, it is now time to get back on track. That means, regular updates and postings here! Plus, I have recently started working with a business mentor to help me in many areas, including maintaining focus and regular action! I have someone to hold me accountable!

I wonder how many of you can relate to starting out with a goal, starting out with an intention to do something regularly or consistently, then another priority takes over so you let that first one slide. I am thinking of those great new year’s resolutions to go to the gym or start meditating regularly, perhaps learn something new or maybe apply for a new job. All things I’ve heard clients say they intended to do. I have to admit that one of my intentions was regular blog updates!

I have no problem with getting exercise regularly nor meditating on a regular basis (I still have not mastered the practice of every day before my day starts, yet it’s a work in progress!). My focus to learn Italian has, well, shifted to a back burner as I have been busy with interesting business develop activities.

Almost like a pendulum swinging back and forth. It starts of swinging from the two extreme sides, and then slows down to something more ‘normal’ and balanced. Now, it’s time to re-dress the balance and get back on track with these blog updates!

So, I’ve had a few ideas regarding topics related to what clients have been talking to me the most; performance (professionally and sports), resilience (that bounce-back-ability), mindfulness and life balance. If there are any other ideas you would be interested in hearing about, just let me know!

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