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Client swims into history!

I am very pleased for Yves Watt who successfully swam the English Channel and exceeded his fundraising target on behalf of Australia’s National Stroke Foundation.

Yves is the first person from Vanuatu to have swum the English Channel. When I met Yves in Brighton, UK, I had to look up where Vanuatu is, and it is in the South Pacific islands area.

I had the great pleasure of meeting Yves to help with some mental strategies to get him through the 12h 16m swim! Although I have to say, I was very impressed with his already existing mental strategies!

The Vanuatu Independent newspaper wrote an article about Yves’ swim and his fundraising activities, and I am pleased to say there is a mention of me and my book!

Article in The Vanuatu Independent Sept 14-20, 2013

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