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A Moment of Stillness

We live in such a way these days where busyness is almost looked upon as something to admire and respect. It sometimes seems like busyness equals importance. Yet, the reality is that more and more of us could benefit from slowing down, even for a few moments, in order to become more effective in whatever […]

Mindset Matters

You know how sometimes you hear something you already known, yet it has a particular impact at that point in time? Perhaps it is because we needed that reminder at that time or because we hear it differently, yet whatever the case, it has a strong resonance!

Well, that recently happened to me as I […]

Already thinking of 2017 … and what next!

Just today I came across a post asking about goals for 2017! I know the end of the year is fast approaching and I know that the typical year-end reflection and goal setting happens at this time, yet was somewhat surprised to see something so early (or as least it felt early!). Yet, in reality, […]

Coaching – 2017 Promotion

To help celebrate the launch of my book, Winning Strategies Workbook, I am delighted to offer coaching packages that can help you dive even deeper with the exercises and to get more individual coaching for your needs.

Up to 15% discount on coaching packages and includes a copy of both the Winning Strategies Workbook and […]

Goals versus Habits

As many of you may be aware, I have recently launched my newest book, Winning Strategies Workbook, and that was a long-held goal I wanted to achieve. Now that I have achieved that big goal, I am kind of wondering what next … what goal do I want to pursue now?

As a coach, I […]

Winning Strategies … Practicing what I Preach!

As I walked down to the start of the swim and saw the gigantic orange fireball of a sun rising on the horizon, I knew I was in for a very special day! I have to admit that it did bring tears to my eyes of being so grateful for so many things in my […]

Passion or Problem … exercise addiction

I recently have been doing research into exercise addiction which is a very fine grey line between when a passion turns into a problem. Some very interesting reading to say the least which I would sum up very simply as having to do with mindset.

Exercise is regarded as a good and positive thing to […]

Measures of Success

I frequently talk to clients about defining their own measures of success and I have recently been reflecting on my own measures. In the past month, I have experienced two house moves and this is a part of the reason why I haven’t been writing any blog posts (time to make the move and settle […]

Being Selfish – good or bad?

I have been having several discussions recently with clients and friends around ‘being selfish’ and there have been some very interesting view points which I want to share.

Many of us have been brought up being told that selfishness is a bad thing. You should think of others before yourself or put others’ needs before […]

What next … after race day?

I am very pleased to say that I completed the Nice Half Marathon yesterday in a very respectful time of 1h57m which for me is a big deal! I worked hard, trained well and even worked with a coach to get that little bit extra from myself.

It was a big deal for me because […]