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Resilience … bouncing back after setbacks


Resilience, like mindfulness, is becoming more talked about in the spheres of business and is fast becoming an essential skill. From my experiences with clients and sports, resilience has long been talked about. Athletes sometimes experience poor performances or setbacks like injury or not performing as they expected to and need to develop strategies to […]

Mindfulness … and your performances

The concept of mindfulness is becoming more mainstream, talked about and more accepted as an essential skill that people benefit from learning in today’s busy and hectic world. Whether it is your sports performances, your work performances or in everyday life; learning mindfulness can certainly make a positive difference!

Jon Kabat-Zinn, the founder of mindfulness, […]

Making Space for what is Important

I am currently reading a great book called Total Leadership by Stew Friedman which will help me in my life as well as help me help clients! The fact that the ideas contained in this Total Leadership programme can be key to performances is what originally caught my eye. I am all about helping myself […]

Acceptance and Taking it One Day at a Time

sick quote

Have you heard expression ‘what you resist, persists’?

Last week, I spent most of the week in bed! I was ill and unable to work or even focus on things. I had what seems to be a common cold and sinusitis however it knocked me off my feet. Now, that rarely happens to me and […]

Even with the Best of Intentions … Getting Back on Track


First of all, this is going to be a revealing blog as I have to admit something! I have to admit that even though I coach others to stay on track, to maintain their focus on their goals and to take regular action … I could have benefited from having a coach myself these past […]

Priorities – are you clear on yours?


Have you ever been working on a big project and then something comes along demanding your time and attention? Perhaps your boss or a client asked if you can provide something at short notice for something like a proposal they are about to do or a very important meeting they are going to or. Many […]

A Moment of Stillness


We live in such a way these days where busyness is almost looked upon as something to admire and respect. It sometimes seems like busyness equals importance. Yet, the reality is that more and more of us could benefit from slowing down, even for a few moments, in order to become more effective in whatever […]

Mindset Matters


You know how sometimes you hear something you already known, yet it has a particular impact at that point in time? Perhaps it is because we needed that reminder at that time or because we hear it differently, yet whatever the case, it has a strong resonance!

Well, that recently happened to me as I […]

Already thinking of 2017 … and what next!


Just today I came across a post asking about goals for 2017! I know the end of the year is fast approaching and I know that the typical year-end reflection and goal setting happens at this time, yet was somewhat surprised to see something so early (or as least it felt early!). Yet, in reality, […]

Coaching – 2017 Promotion

To help celebrate the launch of my book, Winning Strategies Workbook, I am delighted to offer coaching packages that can help you dive even deeper with the exercises and to get more individual coaching for your needs.

Up to 15% discount on coaching packages and includes a copy of both the Winning Strategies Workbook and […]