The emphasis is placed on the indications for closed and open reduction, consistent methods of three-dimensional alignment and fixation, and the management of concomitant infraorbital rim and orbital floor fractures… Of the 13 patients in our cohort with isolated zygomatic arch fractures, all were treated with indirect reduction using Gillies lift or Keen’s approach.

J Oral Surg 31:141, 1973 2.

. Closed treatment of fractures of the zygomatic complex refers to the management of fractures of the zygomatic complex where, either prior to or following the reduction of the zygoma, the patient does not have a significant orbital defect. 2nd ed. After 7 to 10 days, it may become more difficult to mobilize the maxilla and achieve an ideal reduction, particularly in patients in whom there is impaction of the fractured segment. The treatment of both fractures was: closed reduction for isolated zygomatic arch fractures; open reduction and internal rigid fixation through a coronal incision was performed in comminuted arch fractures and displaced fractures. Knight JS, North JF: The classification of malar fractures: An analysis of displacement as a guide to treatment.

Guralnick WC: Fractures of the zygomatic complex.

of Open Type of Fracture Fractures Reduction (%) Reduction (%) Type A 1 (isolated zygomatic arch) 63 63 - 2 (isolated lateral orbital rim) 7 2 5 3 (isolated infraorbital rim) 9 - 9 Type B (tetrapod fracture) 587 164(28) 423(72) Type C (multifragment fracture) 359 - 359 Total 1,025 229 (22.3) 796(77.7) ZINGG ET AL 781 FIGURE 2. An evaluation of surgical management with special emphasis on the eyebrow approach.

How can you know whether your injury will require jaw surgery or a simple ice pack? 2017 May. 2010 Aug. 126(2):554-63. .

You may have severe pain, swelling, and bruising, but how can you be sure about the true depth of your injuries?

Chen RF, Chen CT, Hao Chen C, Liao HT, Chen YR. Optimizing closed reduction of nasal and zygomatic arch fractures with a mobile fluoroscan.

Treatment Modalities No. This technique is contraindicated if there is a fracture displacement at the zygomaticofrontal suture. Non- displaced fracture or minimally displaced fracture may be treated conservatively. Usually, a displaced fracture involves the orbitozygomatic complex: After a blow to the face, a fall, or a car accident, you may have a tough time determining the extent of your injuries.

A fracture to the orbital floor, the portion of the zygomatic bone which is attached to the eye, also has an impact on the function of the zygomatic bone. Treatment of Isolated Zygomatic Arch Fracture: Improved Outcomes with External Splinting.

Lateral wall fractures are therefore more commonly seen following significant maxillofacial trauma involving the malar complex too. High-impact, blunt trauma to the cheek causes zygomatic fractures; they are easy to overlook and, if displaced, require treating within 10 days. This was similar to a study in which 26 isolated zygomatic arch fractures were all managed with indirect reduction . of Closed No.

The treatment of zygomatic fractures varies among surgeons, and the cosmetic and functional results are frequently less than optimal. Broken bones in the nose, cheeks, jaw, forehead, or around the eyes are called facial fractures. Treatment. Learn more from WebMD about symptoms, treatment, and when to seek medical attention. As a general principle, early management of these fractures is preferable following stabilization of the patient’s condition and diagnosis of midfacial fractures. Rowe NL, Killey HC: Fractures of the Facial Skeleton. Open reduction and internal fixation is reserved for cases that are severely angulated or comminuted. Gillie’s approach is used for depressed zygomatic fracture. Br J Plast Surg 13:325, 1961 3. Of the thirty-nine ZMC fractures in our cohort, all were treated with ORIF. Fractures with displacement require surgery consisting of fracture reduction with miniplates, microplates and screws. A treatment guideline based on a simple classification of zygomatic fractures is presented. 139 (5):1162e-71e.

Plast Reconstr Surg. This type of fracture is called a blowout and can cause a fracture to the zygomatic bone, displace the upper portion of the zygomatic bone which articulates with the skull, and can cause a deeper fracture to the eye socket. Plast Reconstr Surg. Maxillofacial Trauma: Zygomatic Fractures.

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