Head is black, has inconspicuous red crown feathers visible when bird is displaying. Blackish above (darker on the head) and white below.

Wading Birds.

Seabirds. Marsh Birds. Eastern Kingbird: Large flycatcher, blue-black back, wings, black tail with white terminal band, white underparts. This kingbird can be difficult to identify because of its similarities to other yellow-breasted kingbirds seen in the southern regions of Arizona and Texas. Black bill, legs, feet. Eastern Kingbird. Hummingbirds. Broad-shouldered and big-headed flycatcher with clean pattern of dark upperparts and white underparts…

The Tropical Kingbird is one of the most southern kingbirds seen in North America. Overview.

Tyrannus tyrannus.

Sturdy flycatcher with a black head and blackish back. Note white-tipped square tail. Eastern Kingbird.

Exotic Birds.

Forest Birds. Birds Of Prey. This species is the only widespread kingbird in the east. Eastern kingbird: Tyrannus tyrannus: Open areas across North America Gray kingbird: … Fluttering stiff-winged direct flight with shallow wing beats.

Field & Stream. Eastern Kingbird Identification.

Identification. Shorebirds.

Common and conspicuous in summer, it is often seen perched jauntily on a treetop or fence wire, or sallying out with shallow fluttering wingbeats to catch an insect in mid-air. Only the tropical southern Thick-billed Kingbird is harder to locate.

Different Types Of Bird Groups. Game Birds.

Large-headed flycatcher with an upright posture and a white-tipped square tail.

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