Trellium-D, shown in Star Trek: Enterprise, was an alloy used in the Delphic Expanse as a protection against spatial anomalies there. Homeworld: Ornara Classification: Humanoid Environmental requirements: M class Telepathic abilities: None Federation Status: Neutral First Encountered: By the USS Enterprise-D (TNG: Symbiosis) Distinctive Features: Identical to humans except for an extra cartridge bridge on the nose. If you have grown up with a steady diet of all things related to video games, Star Wars, Star Trek, sci-fi, gadgets, toys, Transformers one way or another, this will be your second home. facebook; instagram; youtube; twitter; pinterest; telegram; Geekstagram. Otheusz was a member of the Ornaran military who deserted during the 2365 campaign against their neighbor, Brekka. The planet had one moon. Ornara je jednou ze dvou obydlených planet soustavy Delos, je třetí planetou neboli Delos III. PLANET Ornara Affiliation: Federation Location: Ornara star system, Alpha or Beta Quadrant Dominant species: Ornaran Ornara, was a planet located in the galaxy's Alpha or Beta Quadrants, the third planet in the Ornara star system in Federation space is home to the Ornarans who have become addicted to the drug Felicium by the inhabitants of Brekka, the Brekkians. NASA’s Kepler spacecraft has found lots of new planetary systems over the last few years. × Copy this URL to share: Copy to Clipboard × An email will not be created automatically.

"Symbiosis" This was the homeworld for the Ornarans, a pre-warp spaceflight-capable humanoid species. Try Star Trek: Picard Toggle navigation Native to planet Brekka , its harvest, growth and sale provides the lone industry on the planet as a form of temporary relief for the "plague" on neighboring Ornara . Random Geekery. 2364 USS Enterprise-D kapitána Picarda, která zachránila čtyři pasažéry ze zničené ornaranské lodi Sanction, mohla jen konstatovat, že za 20 Ornara, originally the more technologically advanced of the two worlds, used felicium to halt a plague in 2164 but has been kept dependent on the drug by Brekka to support that planet's lone industry.

Je to domovský svět Ornaranů. Its population numbered in the thousands. Yet, thankfully for him, his belief was hardly prophetic. Historie krátce po 2161. As others have already said, they had already interfered to some degree, and pulling back to a neutral position absolved Picard (to a degree) of violating the directive. Sobi (Played by Judson Scott) Male humanoid native of Brekka who, with his female associate Langor, handled sales of felicium to Ornara in 2364. They were a relatively technologically advanced civilization until a plague crippled their society in the 22nd century. The Ornarans were a humanoid species native to the planet Ornara. Try Star Trek: Picard Toggle navigation Native to planet Brekka , its harvest, growth and sale provides the lone industry on the planet as a form of temporary relief for the "plague" on neighboring Ornara . June 15, 2020. The third planet in the Delos system and home of a culture grown psycho-physically dependent on a drug grown on sister planet Brekka. Otheusz knew that Ornara would never recover to what had been told in the second-hand stories that he had been raised on, that it would forever be an angry, betrayed nation, fighting amongst themselves for scraps like dogs. Soustavu pozorovala průzkumná loď Federace. Prometheus – System where a popular nectar beverage comes from. Seeing Double -- Two Habitable Worlds in One Solar System. "Symbiosis" is the twenty-second episode of the American science fiction television series Star Trek: The Next Generation. Prophet's Landing – Bajoran colony. Super Nintendo World Coming Together With Official Sign Leaked . Od té doby o planetě nejsou informace. Psi Upsilon III and IV. It first aired on April 18, 1988, in broadcast syndication.The teleplay was written by Robert Lewin, Richard Manning, and Hans Beimler, based on a story by Lewin, and the episode was directed by Win Phelps. In the 22nd century, a Federation scout ship arrived in the system to document it and the indigenous species' development. Enterprise NCC-1701-D crew when they head for it from the Delos system of Ornara and Brekka. Many of these systems have more than one planet, much like our solar system. Ornara was the inhabited third planet of the Delos system. The two Brekkans have little sympathy to the addicted Ornaran representatives whose entire world is chemically dependent on their cargo.

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