; Final Boss: In the bad ending, the M=M is fought as the final boss in the pirate ship's docking bay. Phantoon is a major antagonist in Super Metroid and the final boss in Metroid: Other M. He is a boss in both games. His entire body looks like a grey alien's head and has green skin. Phantoon is an alien ghost. Beginning as a direct callback to the original Metroid title for the NES, the battle is outset by a 16-bit re-imagining of that game’s finale. Arch-Enemy: It regards itself as Samus's nemesis.
If you need help defeating Proteus Ridley, check out our exclusive guide on How To Defeat Final Boss … This is something that's been bugging me for many years, but I hate the last boss battle in Super Metroid. Super metroid had a ghost space octopus that eats electricity, and a crocodile that tries to throw his own skeleton at you after you melt him.
Fusion has lots of weird bosses but nightmare is … Effect: Keeps the Metroid Prime from hurting you in the final phase. Metroid Prime Glitch. (self.CharacterRant) submitted 2 years ago * by mendelsin So yeah, Metroid: Federation Force released. The Metroid Prime's ground energy attack will not harm you; Notes: All other attacks, including contact, will still harm you. Fast forward 20 years and SM‘s final battle remains the most memorable and iconic moment in the history of the Metroid series, and it isn’t hard to see why. You will then have to battle Ridley in order not only to save Baby Metroid, but also to win the game. None of the other battles were like this in the game, yet for this final battle, it almost plays itself. He also has tentacles for arms, and an eye surrounded by teeth that is his weak spot. He, his counterpart Kraid , and all the Space Pirates desired to capture and clone the eponymous Metroid creatures for use in galactic domination. jump on top of it and stay there. In Area 8, the final one of the game, you’ll eventually stumble your way into a boss arena, with the giant Queen Metroid taking up the entire left side of the screen. The very first final boss was a brain in a jar. ; Not Quite Dead: This trope comes into effect in multiple scenarios. However, as Baby Metroid heads for the gunship, Proteus Ridley will appear out of nowhere and snatch the little guy. Prerequisites: Be in the final boss battle with the Metroid Prime How to: During the battle, look to your right for a small red root thing. I mean nearly every metroid game has weird bosses. It felt like a glorified cinematic than an actual fight. Final Solution : After concluding that the Chozo have become a "defective" and dying race, Mother decides to speed up the process by taking over the Space Pirates and using them to the kill off the remaining Chozo on Zebes. ; Canon Foreigner: It has only appeared in Zebes Invasion Order, a game book based on the first Metroid. ; Extra Eyes: It has at least four eyeballs in its membrane. Final Boss: Of the first game (but not the remake), as well as Super Metroid. Metroid: Federation Force's Final Boss (Massive Spoilers for the game.) There's 0 challenge. In Metroid and Metroid: Zero Mission, he appears as the military leader of the Space Pirates and as a boss in the area with his name, and in Zero Mission, the final boss is a robot in his likeness.

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