Though not the same thing, as an FYI I am able to run PCVR via an oculus quest via oculus link off my iMac Pro with Vega 64 smooth as silk with all high settings on every game no problem. VR is still very much in its early stages, and especially so on the Mac: The average user isn't going to run out and plunk $400-$1200 on a Vive and eGPU to play games from SteamVR or develop with the Unity VR engine. Using either an externally mounted graphics processing unit (eGPU) or using the adequately powered Vega GPU inside the iMac Pro, you can now be part of the VR/AR revolution whilst running Mac hardware and software. In macOS High Sierra, Apple introduced for VR in Metal 2 and partnering with Valve, Unity, and Unreal to bring VR creation tools to the Mac, which could hints at some kind of future hardware. Windowsを使えばMacでVRを楽しむことができるでしょうか。 手持ちのMacでは最もGPUが強力(それでもRadeon Pro 570ですが・・・)な以下のiMac 5K で試してみました。 Alles zu Mac Pro 2019: Apples Profi-Mac ist zurück findest du bei GIGA - Infos, Videos und Testbericht zu Mac Pro 2019: Apples Profi-Mac ist zurück gibt es in der umfangreichen Übersicht bei GIGA. However, the only virtual reality headset recognized by MacOS is the HTC Viveand there is literally no Mac-compatible virtual reality softwareto experience once you don your headset. In Boot Camp. They're not very portable, but they're powerhouses — designed to crush and process the millions of pixels a VR setup requires. Hat Apple ambitionierte "Power-Nutzer" aus den Augen verloren, sind sie dem Unternehmen nicht mehr wichtig? Apple started using the Intel Core i5-4590 in the iMac starting with the 27-inch 5K model released in Mid 2015 and the MacBook Pro started using this model or greater in the Early 2015 models. it also worked reasonably well with my 16 inch MacBook Pro with the 5500M. Diese Vermutung stand im Raum, als Apple 2016 das MacBook Pro überarbeitete.

Vr For Mac 2018 The 27 inch iMacs have even higher spec Radeon Pro 570, 575 and 580 processors with up to 8GB VRAM. Nun hat Cindori mit „VR Desktop for Mac” eine passende App vorgestellt. YI 360 VR für 399 € kaufen (Amazon) Die YI 360 VR verbindet zwei 220-Grad-Objektive, die mit einer Blende von jeweils f/2.0 arbeiten. Option "Externe GPU bevorzugen" … Watch and proof your 360-degree videos & photos on your computer in full quality before sharing them with the world. VR on your iMac Pro running MacOS is possible today without any tweaks to your system. Vor Kurzem hieß es noch, dass der Mac zu schwach sei für die VR-Brille Oculus Rift. Support for an external GPU (or eGPU) effectively provides VR-capable graphics for all of Apple's Thunderbolt 3-capable Mac line, including the MacBook Pros. VR-Apps, wenn ein VR-Headset direkt mit der eGPU verbunden ist; Professionelle Apps und 3D-Spiele, die das integrierte Display eines iMac, iMacPro, MacBook Air oder MacBook Pro beschleunigen (Funktion muss vom Entwickler der App aktiviert werden) Du kannst Programme mit einer der folgenden Methoden für die Verwendung einer eGPU konfigurieren. Best VR headset for iMac Pro iMore 2020 The HTC Vive currently offers the best combination of performance, hardware compatibility, and supported games and apps to really get the most out of the experience. With more developers offering support every day, this is the platform you want to have attached to your iMac Pro.

If you haven't already heard, Apple, Valve, and HTC have all teamed up to bring VR to the Mac on macOS High Sierra. But it's a necessary first step into the world of VR, and the tools Apple is providing offer a buttery-smooth experience. This means if you have something newer than a Mid-2015 iMac or MacBook, you have the processor needed to run VR applications. In terms of power, the latest iMacs are the best Macs for VR with Radeon Pro 555 or 560 processors and up to 4GB VRAM in the 21.5 inch 4K iMac. GoPro VR Player allows to watch VR videos at their original quality: watch 360-degree videos files stored on your computer at up to 8K resolution & 60 FPS (in Cineform or ProRes). Earlier this week Apple provided an update on its Mac Pro line of desktop PCs, promising that a new iteration of the device would be coming at some point in 2018.

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