GoCrawfish brings the freshest crawfish and seafood in Louisiana to your area. Select 11/16 cnt per lbs. #2 Special: 40 lbs. $47.99. LIVE LARGE MIX LOUISIANA CRAWFISH — Price is per ~33lb sack of Purged Crawfish. Good for 4-6 people. clams or musssels, 1 lb.

Live Crawfish, Crayfish, Crawdads, & Mudbugs. LIVE CRAWFISH Jumbo (12-15 ct. to the lb.) Select a delivery day below: Default for $0.00; Crawfish Traps for Sale.

Menu Home Service Areas Crawfish San Antonio About Us Contact Us Call Us Today! Our crawfish ranches are located in the Anahuac & Winnie areas. These contain frozen gel packs to keep the crustaceans cool. Live Crawfish; Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! including 1 bag seafood boiling mix and shipping to your door (for Saturday delivery, add $35.00) OUT #3 Special: 40 lbs. Check the competition, we CRUSH them all on quality!Our grades & qty below: Field Run 18/24 cnt per lbs. 12 pc. We own and operate our own fully refrigerated trucks and delivery trailers to insure that our live crawfish are kept at the optimal temperature from the time they are loaded into our trucks to the time they are delivered to you. Snow crab. DELIVERY ONLINE. You decide if you want the mild goodness to the fiery hot! #2 Special: 40 lbs. LIVE CRAWFISH, Extra Large (15-17 ct. to the lb.) #CajunGourmet. Sack: $25.00/sack SHRIMP: Jumbo Gulf Shrimp U10 Head-On Packaged Fresh in 5 lb. Good for 4-6 people. ... 1 cluster jumbo snow crab, 1 pound crawfish, 2 corn and 2 potatoes. Order Crawfish Online.

shrimps (head-on or headless), 1 lb. bags: $60 EXTRAS: 1/2 pound shrimp, 1 cluster jumbo snow crab, 1 sausage link, corn and potato. We are committed to your complete and total satisfaction. What We're Famous For Create your own ultimate feast, served with corn and potato. Save time and money, and order your crawfish online from us: Live Crawfish For Sale. UPGRADES: If you want to order both JUMBO and LARGE MIX sacks of crawfish in the same order, please add your first selection to your shopping cart, and then return to the shop and add your next selection separately. MENÚ. This shipping procedure guarantees a fresh product delivered via Fedex. Facebook Page Link .

dungeness crab, 1 sausage, 2 corns and 2 potatoes. Live Crawfish. Low Country Boil. Cocktail Shrimp. Our supplier is based out of South Louisiana and delivers overnight to us 3+ times a week during the season (typically late January through July).

Home is at Live Crawfish & Seafood in Rockville, Maryland!
We ship all over the United States because we know that LA crawfish is the only boiling crawfish that people want. Main Menu. Welcome to live crawfish & seafood. CONTACTO. If you’ve always wanted to try crayfish but lack the equipment to prepare it, you’ve come to the right place. Transporting the crawfish in this manner insures it is delivered lively and fresh. HOGAR. snow crab, 1 lb. When live crawfish are shipped by air freight, as is the case in overnight deliveries, they are packed in insulated seafood shipping boxes.

Includes: 1 Sack 32-34 lbs Live Crawfish and 3 Seafood Boil Mix! We offer aluminum stock pots, lids, baskets, cookers, and everything you need to throw the perfect backyard boil for your friends and family. Tweet; Pin It. 1 Pound Crawfish. $96.99 19 X 24 Crawfish Trap. Let's place your order, we will deliver to you.
TODAY'S MENU. Starter. AIRPORT and Door to Door Shipping Available NOW!!

Order online and track your order live. While we ship crawfish any time during crawfish season, we recommend that you order during March, April, and May for the best quality and freshness. Live Crawfish by the Sack (30-36 lbs): $3.49/lb Live Crawfish 15 lb. Steamed shrimp served on a side of cocktail sauce. Choose. including 1 bag seafood … #CajunGourmet. including 1 bag seafood boiling mix and shipping to your door (for Saturday delivery, add $35.00) OUT #3 Special: 40 lbs. That when the mudbugs are nice and big just the way we like ‘em, cher! Ready to order wholesale crawfish for your restaurant or event?… Grade Sizes: Field Run 18/22 count/lb Select 12/17 count/lb **Live crawfish are perishable and should be cooked the day of delivery** LIVE CRAWFISH, Extra Large (15-17 ct. to the lb.) Our live crawfish is cooked in our secret family recipe to perfection, complete with your choice of our famous Mixin’s flavor or any combination of Cajun and spice seasonings, butter, and garlic butter.

bags: $55 Large Jumbo Shrimp 21/25 Head-Off IQF Packsaged 5 lb. COMPRAR ONLINE. #1 Shipper of Live Crawfish in the U.S. and the Only Year Round Shipper of Live Crawfish in the U.S. Louisiana produces 90% of the World's Crawfish. We want to ensure that you’re getting the freshest possible crawfish, no matter where you live in the country. The boxes are then secured and loaded into the plane. $104.99 2 lbs crawfish, 1 lb. We have been shipping live crawfish since 1983.

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