Works best on girls!

There's a girl that moved here to America from Korea, just a few months ago.

Pick the ones that feel most natural for you and express them whole-heartedly, or if it’s via text, use a well-chosen emoji.

These compliments are super effective, but only if you mean them. Hey there! You look gorgeous. "Too frequently in our culture, getting old or things that are old are not valued as much as newer things," explains Monique Honaman, relationship expert and author of The High Road Has Less Traffic: Honest Advice on The Path Through Love and Divorce.To hear a compliment about growing old together builds a sense of excitement about all the things you will be able to do together as life … Dropping the 요 is a … A compliment that degrades you in the process isn't really a compliment; it's a comparison.

A beautiful girl like you is hard to find, easy to like and impossible to forget.


Last Updated on June 23, 2020. In a room full of art, I’d still stare at you, because you are so beautiful, my girl! This is the up-to-date modern version of how Koreans actually talk, so it will be useful if you want to learn how to speak Korean.. We’re going to get the best phrases out to you on this page, broken down by category.

A guy can be turned into a brave hero, caring gentleman and gallant chevalier, he can make you feel like a princess, thanks to skilfully expressed, sincere compliment. But whether it’s through text, in-person, or during a romantic dinner—a kind word can go a long way. Em Fizza from pakistan, my problem is that most of the time people or my classmates / family members say that i look like korean/Chinese girl because of my figure and my eye shape including eyebrows, but the thing is that i dont have a fair skin tone which is probably number one reason for me to think that thy are wrong but a few weeks before i looked carefully in mirror and guess what! Can you say she looks "pretty" or "cute" or "classy" or that she "dresses nicely"? We've been friends for a short while, but I do have to confess having a bit of a crush on her. Areumdawoyo.

Stay safe and healthy.

Accepting/responding to compliments in Korean. Please practice hand-washing and social distancing, and check out our resources for adapting to these times. You don't have to use yourself as a bridge to make others feel better. Get to the point… “daaaang, girl, you lookin’ GOOD! Jessica played Elle Woods in the Korean adaptation of musical Legally Blonde in 2010. How to Accept a Compliment With Class You hand someone a gift and they eagerly tear off the wrapping paper and lift the lid on the box. But as they pick up and examine the present tucked inside, their smile quickly fades. You are sweet as candy and careful as a mommy. If you’re close with that person, you can drop the 요 at the end of the Korean compliments. What are acceptable/appropriate compliments to pay a Korean girl who you're interested in dating? I find this fairly easy to do in person, as I can use body language and gestures while smiling and saying "아니예요..." or something to that effect.

He or she will appreciate your sincerity and kindness! Love you cutie-pie! Again, this is one of those Korean compliments that you must know. If you’re fascinated with Asian girls but are puzzled on the best ways to compliment them, then you’re already a step ahead of the game.

The best compliments for a girl are the honest ones and if you approach a girl who is obviously happy and relaxed, you can tell her that she has an amazing charisma. Aug 5, 2015 - 10 Ways to Compliment in Korean - YouTube.

She was formerly a member of South Korean girl group, Girls’ Generation.

A compliment that degrades you in the process isn't really a compliment; it's a comparison.

This communicates that her monstrous boobs are not the only reason why you want to talk to her and it also communicates to her that you are a man who is attracted to her positive energy . These Korean compliments will help you express your admiration for your date or significant other. Having spent ~2 years studying Korean including a semester of study at a Korean university, I've gotten the impression that it's normal to humbly deny or brush off a received compliment.

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