If you're born on February 29, then you're going to have to wait until 2020 for your next official calendar birthday. Elizabeth Warren(1949-) United States Senator [ American ] Meryl Streep(1949-) Actress [ American ] John Dillinger(1903-1934) Bank Robber [ American ] Kris Kristofferson(1936-) Singer [ American ] Anwar Hadid(1999-) Model & TV Personality [ American ] Erin Brockovich(1960-) Environmental Activist [ American ] Cyndi Lauper(1953-) Actress, Singer [ American … But not just James Watt, Alexander Fleming, Patrick Bell, Adam Smith, and Charles Macintosh, Scotland has been home to several great men and from diverse spheres. Lauren Godwin, 20 TikTok Star. Marcus Gunnarsen, 18 Pop Singer. 2. video; trivia; popular; trending; random; February 21 Birthdays 1. American Presidents . Famous People Born Today. Find out more about their traits with this article. 18 August 1933. Who Was Born on My Birthday? Let us delve deep into the lives of some of the famous Polish people to have ever walked the earth and get inspired as we trail their timeline, learn some interesting trivia and unearth some lesser known facts about them in these biographies. Search thousands of historical, noteworthy and celebrity birthdays in our archives. The world owes a lot to the Scottish. French-Polish Film Director. Roman Polanski . 2020 is a leap year and that means people born on February 29 celebrate their actual birthday. Recent Posts. Important and famous people from throughout history born on this day. From pedal bicycle and pneumatic tyre to telephone and tele-printer, the Scotts have given the world several new jaw-dropping inventions. Pope John Paul II. 3.

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Marie Curie. Find out who was born on the same day as you. People born on May 20 have a streak of strangeness and peculiarity in their personality and characteristics. 07 November 1867. First woman to win a Nobel Prize. You can also browse by birth year and by birthplace, or see who died on your birthday.
Famous Birthdays. George Washington created history when he became the first President of the United States after the nation’s independence from British colonial. List of famous American Presidents with their biographies that include trivia, interesting facts, timeline and life history. Discover the most famous February 21 Birthdays including Lauren Godwin, Marcus Gunnarsen, Sophie Turner, Martinus Gunnarsen, Alan Rickman and many more. 4. Sophie Turner, 24 TV Actress. The most popular celebs born on this date!

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