Which statement is correct regarding internal or external respiration? External respiration (correct answer) involves the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide within the environment. PO2 controls. External respiration is the breathing process. Diffusion of oxygen and carbon dioxide depends on pressure differences, e.g. The basic 3 components of external respiration are surface area of alveolar membrane, partial pressure gradient of gases, and ventilation and perfusion matching. External respiration This is the exchange of gases by diffusion between alveoli and blood in the alveolar capillaries, across respiratory membrane. internal respiration. Internal respiration or tissue respiration/cellular respiration refers to a metabolic process in which oxygen is released to tissues or living cells and carbon dioxide is absorbed by the blood. A. It involves inhalation and exhalation of gases. Oxygen has a partial pressure gradient of about 60 mmHg (100 mmHg in alveolar air and 40 mmHg in deoxygenated blood ) and diffuses rapidly from the alveolar air into the capillary.

Internal respiration occurs in the body’s tissues C. External respiration occurs in the body’s tissues D. External respiration involves the exchange of gases with the internal environment E. None of the statements are correct Gas exchange in the alveolus: External respiration is a result of partial pressure gradients, alveolar surface area, and ventilation and perfusion matching. respiration [res″pĭ-ra´shun] 1. the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide between the atmosphere and the body cells, including inhalation and exhalation, diffusion of oxygen from the pulmonary alveoli to the blood and of carbon dioxide from the blood to the alveoli, followed by the transport of oxygen to and carbon dioxide from the body cells. 21. Internal respiration occurs in the alveoli B. glycolysis, Krebs cycle, and oxidative phosphorylation; this is not the case for external respiration. Respiration is the process of gas exchange between the air and an organism's cells. Answer C describes external respiration, through external gills. Internal respiration is the process of getting oxygen to the cells, and answer A describes that.

External respiration involves oxygen first entering the ventilatory structures such as lungs or gills; this is not the case with internal respiration. External respiration (pulmonary gas exchange) involves. Oxidation: Internal respiration involves three stages i.e. It involves inhaling gases from the organisms external environment, and then exhaling the gases back out.

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