Abraham Maslow believed that man is inherently good and argued that individuals possess a constantly growing inner drive that has great potential. The Drive-Reduction Theory was developed by behaviorist Clark Hull as a way of accounting for learning, motivation and behavior.

Drive theory in sports psychology terms was first put forward by Clark Hull (1943) Drive theory summarises a direct linear relationship between arousal and sporting performance; In effect meaning the more an athlete is ‘psyched up’, the better their performance potential in any given event. Theories of Motivation Definition: There are several Theories of Motivation that are developed to explain the concept of “Motivation”. Drive-Reduction Theory. Content theory of human motivation includes both Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of needs and Herzberg's two-factor theory.

Clark L. Hull is the most prominent figure from whom this comprehensive drive theory of learning and motivation was postulated. The drive theory looks at motivation through the eyes of our biological needs. The Four Drive theory is based on research that shows four underlying drives – the drive to Acquire & Achieve, to Bond & Belong, to be Challenged & Comprehend and to Define & Defend. No single motivation theory explains all aspects of people’s motives or lack of motives. The motivation is a drive that forces an individual to work in a certain way. Drive Reduction Theory; Another way to think about motivation is through thr constructs of drive and need. The many approaches to defining what drives human behavior are best understood when considering the very purpose of creating them, be it increased performance, goal … These needs result in psychological drive states that direct behavior to meet the need and, ultimately, bring the system back to homeostasis. According to this theory, deviations from homeostasis create physiological needs. It is the energy that pushes us to work hard to accomplish the goals, even if the conditions are not going our way. Drive theories of motivation are based on the concept of drives, which are hypothetical states of tension or discomfort that motivate (or ‘drive’) an organism to engage in behaviours that will maintain a state of physiological stability (homeostasis). Each theoretical explanation can serve as the basis for the development of techniques for motivating. The main process theories are: Skinner’s reinforcement theory, Victor Vroom’s expectancy theory, Adam’s equity theory and Locke’s goal setting theory (Figure 1). According to the drive theory of motivation, people are motivated to take certain actions in order to reduce the internal tension that is caused by unmet needs. Each of these drives are important if we are to understand employee motivation. The theory itself was founded on very straightforward studies of rat behavior done by Hull’s students, Charles T. Perm and Stanley B. Williams.

Maslow's theory is one of the most widely discussed theories of motivation.

Drive Theory Background. To describe the indescribable seems to be the ambitious undertaking of motivation theories.

According to the drive theory of motivation, people are motivated to take certain actions in order to reduce the internal tension that is caused by unmet needs.For example, you might be motivated to drink a glass of water in order to reduce the internal state of thirst. Drive-reduction theory was first developed by Clark Hull in 1943. These biological needs, such as hunger, drive us to do something to satiate those needs, such as eat. Drive Theory of Motivation .

This theory is useful in explaining behaviors that have a strong biological component, such as hunger or thirst. So we are motivated to do things by these biological needs because we need to alleviate the … A drive is an aroused state that occurs because of physiological need.

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