The scientific name of the Dolly Varden is Salvelinus malma. Bull trout (scientific name: Salvelinus confluentus), like their cousins, the lake trout and brook trout, are not considered trout at all. 1961). Bull Trout (Salvelinus confluentus) are widely distributed throughout North America. Bull trout are members of the salmon family known as char. OUR DATA: We use the most recent data from these primary sources: AnAge, UMICH, Max Planck, PanTHERIA, Arkive, UKC, AKC. Federally threatened species.

This will allow threats to existing bull trout populations to be correctly evaluated and management decisions pertaining to bull trout conservation and recovery to be effectively implemented and monitored.

Their scientific name, Salvelinus confluentus, is cool. Bull Trout Facts (Salvelinus confluentus) What is a bull trout? Also, the scientific name of steelhead changed from Salmo gairdneri to … Population Size: FG = 10,000 - 1,000,000 individuals Comments: The total population of bull trout is unknown. Since the only waters in the state that are open to bull trout fishing are rivers, casting would be the technique of choice.

Bull Trout, John Day SMU . The bull trout is a bioindicator species; its state of health can be used to monitor the health of its environment. They are a priority species under the WDFW Priority Habitats and Species Project. Dolly varden Bull trout; Scientific name: Salvelinus malma malma: Salvelinus confluentus: Upper jaw length: Short, usually does not pass the eyes. My personal guess is that, originally, everything Salmonish that wasn’t a Salmon (Salmo Satar) was called “Trout.” “Char” is … Dolly varden Bull trout; Scientific name: Salvelinus malma malma: Salvelinus confluentus: Upper jaw length: Short, usually does not pass the eyes. Scientific name: Salvelinus malma (salvelinus is an old name for char; and malma is the native name for species in Kamchatka, Russia). Up to 10” and 4 pounds. Species Common Name Bull Trout Species Scientific Name Salvelinus confluentus; Federal Listing Status Threatened State Listing Status Sensitive SMU/ESU/ ... Brook trout control. Bull Trout have a long and slender body.

Salvelinus confluentus . It’s cool that they grow to larger sizes than most […] It’s cool that they will attack a cutthroat trout that would be a decent catch in its own right. Habitat. The closest thing to a “True” Trout is Brown Trout, because it has “trutta” in the scientific name. This trout has also virtually eliminated cutthroat and bull trout in Flathead Lake, Montana, and Pend Orielle Lake, Idaho. Bull Trout. Bull trout habitat is protected by the federal Fisheries Act. The number of protected occurrences is unknown. Stocked Lake Trout have replaced native cutthroats in deep Rocky Mountain lakes (Benson et al. To further complicate matters, Brook Trout, Bull Trout, and Lake Trout may have “Trout” in their common name however, they are actually char (genus Salvelinus). Longer, usually … Longer, usually pass … However, there are no scientific criteria for what makes a Trout a Trout. The intent of this research is to provide scientific information about the general ecology of bull trout. Photo Credit: Terry Smith, U. S. Forest Service Overview.

Salvelinus confluentus (confluentus may indicate the close relationship of bull trout to Dolly Varden) Other names: Dollies, Char, Bull trout

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