It is tolerant of medium soil acidity and will grow readily on both sandy and clay type soils.

Crimson clover (Trifolium incarnatum) is a relatively new cover crop for Michigan. of seed. Natural beneficial bacteria that encourages formation of high-nitrogen nodules on roots for bigger plants and better yields.

Agronomists have prescribed for decades that farmers inoculate their clover seed and other legumes at planting in the fall to ensure the best bacterial strains are present, Evers said. Out of stock.
One 6-oz. Clover Inoculant. Easy to distinguish, beautiful Crimson clover is a winter annual with dark green, oval leaflets containing no V-shaped water mark making it easy to distinguish from other annual clovers. Alfalfa, Bitter clover (sour), Black medic, Button clover, California bur clover, Fenugreek, Hubam sweet clover, Little bur clover, Snail bur clover, Spotted bur clover, Tifton bur clover, Tubercle bur clover, Yellow alfalfa, Yellow sweetclover, White sweet clover.

packet treats 50 lbs. Crimson Clover Dixie (Trifolium Incarnatum) - A winter annual, crimson clover is grown from bulk clover seeds from the Gulf Coast region to Southern Ohio clear to the West Coast. Crimson clover has taller flower stems, grows more quickly and has larger seeds than the more commonly used red clover. For example, if the mix contains barley, rye, or even triticale, these will be producing seed by the time crimson clover or … If you inoculate your cover crops, they will add even more nitrogen to your soil, and you’ll have better harvests in the following year. Traditionally used further south, MSU researchers and southern Michigan farmers have used this annual clover effectively as a cover crop in corn, soybeans and wheat. The earliest species in the mix will likely dictate when it gets harvested, since you don’t want those species producing seed and causing weediness in the next crop. True Clovers Rhizobia species: Rhizobium leguminosarum biovar trifolii In fact, studies have shown that crimson clover can add up to the equivalent of one hundred pounds of nitrogen to the soil during one growing season. Home » Shop » Supplies » Seed Starting » Clover Inoculant $ 10.49.

Clover, alyce Alyiscarpus vaginalis EL Clover, arrowleaf Trifolium vesiculosum O Clover, ball Trifolium nigrescens B Clover, berseem Trifolium alexandrinum R Clover, bur Medicago arabica N Clover, button Medicago orbicularis N Clover, crimson Trifolium incarnatum R Clover, Persian Trifolium resupinatum R Clover, purple prairie Dalea purpurea F It has hairy stems and leaves and brilliant crimson flowers producing yellow rounded seed …

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