Synthetic Steel Wool. They usually contain silicone.

Apply a very thin coat of wipe on poly with a rag in the direction of the grain. For both products, apply in thin coats, sanding in … • On the frame of the door, apply stain on the whole frame and edges. Wipe off polyurethane dust with a soft cloth, then wipe with a tack cloth, and begin applying second coat. Traditional steel wool is not recommended for water-based finishes; it sheds steel particles that leave a mess and give the user steel wool slivers. The steel wool will cut through any nibs or dust on the surface. You may need to sand between coats of poly. When I used to work at a cabinet shop, we would wipe the stain on with a piece of sheep's wool and wipe it off with a cotton rag. Try steel wool. In a strategic move, I switched to a poly that you wipe with a rag thinking that the foam brush was causing the streaks. I noticed when it dried there were a lot of streaks in the finish even after sanding down with 4'0 steel wool and wiping down with mineral spirits. Want ultra smooth? One day you will apply another coat, come back the next day, and realize it didn't dull in any spot.

It's ok to use steel wool between coats, just wipe it down good before applying the next. Minimize this problem by applying thinner coats or by switching from standard brush-on poly to a wipe-on or spray finish, both of which can be applied in very thin coats. It might take 3 coats, it might take 5. It's best to apply polyurethane to flat (as in level) surfaces so the finish can self-level and is less likely to drip. ... (feels fuzzy). Applying Wipe-On Polyurethane : Wipe-On (also called oil-based) polyurethane blends the best of both worlds of finishing: the high durability and protection of polyurethane with the simple wipe on application of an oil finish. Remove all dust.

The steel wool will cut through any nibs or dust on the surface. I used synthetic steel wool on both water- and oil-based polyurethane. Then wipe out the top and bottom first, wiping with the grain, and then wipe the vertical sides. If you are going for a satin or matte finish, use steel wool and a furniture paste wax after your last coat has fully cured (at least a week). If you are going to apply a wax on top of the poly, you can always apply it with steel wool, buffing out the poly at the same time.

Apply a second coat of wipe on poly with a rag, and wet sand (by hand) using 400 grit wet/dry sandpaper. Then even out the center of the panel. When applying polyurethane on vertical surfaces, you may experience drips or runs. To deepen the color, apply a third coat. Keep applying until the wood will not "drink" anymore.

I always apply with the grain and I've been carefull to not over apply. Rub hard. Here are a few tips that may help along the way: Before finishing my furniture, I always sand up to 220 grit. Three quick steps to a silky-smooth finish. I ran a 0000 steel wool over it and it actually smooths the finish out. Breathe, lightly go over it with steel wool, apply poly again. For larger jobs, we would spray the stain on with a spray gun.
Some good tips from reading “How and When to Wipe On Polyurethane” and also your wipe on polyurethane Summary Sheet.

Your poly application is more an art and less a science. APPLYING WIPE ON POLYURETHANE.

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