Vertex: The vertex (plural: vertices) is a corner of the triangle. Triangle (geometry) synonyms, Triangle (geometry) pronunciation, Triangle (geometry) translation, English dictionary definition of Triangle (geometry).

Triangle Definition (Illustrated Mathematics Dictionary) Illustrated definition of Triangle: A 3-sided flat shape with straight sides.

Triangle In technical analysis, a series of high and low prices for a security that, when plotted on a chart, looks vaguely like a triangle.

If the triangle breaks upward, it is a bullish sign, but if it breaks downward, it is a bearish sign. Its outline roughly forms an equilateral triangle. Triangle Definition. 2 : something that is shaped like a triangle. The corners outside the triangle are exterior angles. Every triangle has three vertices. It is suspended by a gut or nylon loop and struck with a steel rod. Definition and properties of triangles. Equilateral Triangle: A triangle with all the sides of same length is called equilateral triangle. A triangle is a three-sided polygon that closes in a space. Some of the major concepts such as Pythagoras theorem and trigonometry are dependent on triangle properties. Mint chocolate chip ice cream and chocolate chip ice cream are similar, but not the same. Right Triangle Definition. 1. countable noun A triangle is an object, arrangement, or flat shape with three straight sides and three angles. A three-sided polygon is called to be a triangle.

The corners inside the triangle are interior angles. Definition of Triangle. 2 : something that has three sides and three angles a triangle of land.

A three-sided polygon is called to be a triangle. Definition Of Triangle. It is theoretically an instrument of indefinite pitch, for its fundamental pitch is obscured by its nonharmonic overtones. A Triangle is a polygon with three sides.

The illustration below shows how any leg of the triangle can be a base and the height always extends from the vertex of the opposite side and is perpendicular to the base.

a flat triangular piece, usually of plastic, with straight edges, used in connection with a T square for drawing perpendicular lines, geometric … This is an everyday use of the word "similar," but it not the way we use it in mathematics. As we discussed in the introduction, a triangle is a type of polygon, which has three sides joint end to end and three angles, formed between two sides. More About Triangles. You can pick any side you like to be the base. Definition Of Triangle. Play around with our applet to see how the area of a triangle can be computed from any base/height pairing. triangle top: right triangle bottom: equilateral triangle n. 1. a. Base: The base of a triangle can be any one of the three sides, usually the one drawn at the bottom. Kids Definition of triangle. 3 : a musical instrument made of a steel rod … Isosceles Triangle: A three-sided polygon with at least two sides of the same length is called isosceles triangle.

Learn more. noun a closed plane figure having three sides and three angles. 1 : a flat geometric figure that has three sides and three angles. This tutorial will teach you what the median is, how to calculate it, and how to solve problems relating to it.

Triangle: A triangle is a technical analysis pattern created by drawing trendlines along a price range that gets narrower over time because of lower tops and higher bottoms. … Calculating the median of a triangle is one of the fundamental problems in geometry. ‘A gong, cymbals, a triangle, and a timpani, as well as the pentatonic scale, create a sense of the Far East.’ ‘A triangle chimes in the background; it's all very bittersweet.’ ‘The school's year four and five class got to work with drums, xylophones and triangles.’ More About Triangles.

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