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Believe & Achieve Goal Setting Workshop

I had the pleasure of delivering an exciting goal-setting workshop to the NASUWT Young Teachers Conference on 26th January 2013 called ‘Believe and Achieve’.

We kicked off the session by exploring our dreams. Every goal starts by having a dream of the possibilities of things we want to be, do and have in our lives. From these dreams, I encouraged participants to select one to pursue as a goal. We then explored their motivation and the reasons why they wanted to achieve the goal.

By clearly knowing the reasons ‘why’ and the benefits once achieved, participants created a powerful magnet to draw them forward.

We then explored making a plan. I encouraged participants to imagine that the goal was already achieved and from that perspective, to look back over their shoulder to see all the steps they took. This different perspective helped them to imagine that they had overcome all obstacles and challenges in order to be successful. Additionally, they could see the steps they took.

Knowing that a plan is simply just a plan, and action is needed; we explored how they could make the time to take action. By looking at what is important to them (the ‘big rocks’) and then looking at some of the other activities that fill their time (the ‘small rocks’), we discussed the importance of making the time for the big rocks as a priority, before any other actions were taken.

I concluded with a parting thought of ‘does their actions help or hinder their progress towards their goal?’ This question can be used to help them assess every project, action or request to do something in light of what will help them achieve their goal.

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