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August 2012 Newsletter

Food for Thought
Are you clear on your life’s passion and purpose? The Olympic athletes’ certainly are!
For many of us, getting clear on our life’s purpose is a challenge because we’ve drifted into jobs, and lives. We get into a routine and wonder if there is anything else.
Many of us have become over-worked, stressed and barely enough time for ourselves let alone for others! Yet, when we stop and take stock of what is really important, we can more easily align ourselves with our purpose.
What is your passion and purpose? What makes you jump out of bed excited and happy to start your day and do all that you are about to do? What gives you a sense of fulfillment, energy and enthusiasm?
What dreams did you have as a child that you could dust off and start taking action now?
Much like the Olympic athletes have done, take one day at a time, one step at a time, and you can live your passion and purpose today!

August newsletter – Olympic Inspiration

So hands up … how many of you were glued to the TV watching the Olympics these past two weeks? I know I certainly was! The highs and lows were extraordinary. The tears of joy and tears of defeat were moving. The dreams realized and the dreams dashed were incredible!

It certainly has been a roller coaster ride of emotions watching what these athletes have gone through to get them where they are today, and it left me inspired! It has left me inspired to step up in my life which I’d like to share with you. I hope that you too will be inspired!

These amazing athletes had big dreams and have worked many years to achieve their goals. Even with setbacks and hardships, many continued on and made it to the Olympics. Makes me think about what dreams I have had and perhaps let go of. Could I dust them off now and make a plan to take steps towards them? Could I do more towards the goals I’m going after now?

Their dedication to doing all that is necessary is admirable. They have put in hours of training and made sacrifices in their personal lives just to get to where they are today. So, is there something that I really, really, want and am willing to make sacrifices and compromises to achieve them? Am I willing to make them a priority overall other things?

The athlete’s focus on simply being their best was phenomenal. You could almost see it in their eyes when they were ‘in the zone’. They were intent on doing what they needed to do and didn’t let the nerves of being in such a spectacular arena of an Olympic Games get to them. So, what kind of focus do I need to simply do what needs to get done and ignore the distractions?

Overall, the secret to these athlete’s success is talent and determination. Yes, they have a certain ability to be good at their particular sport yet they have also worked hard and spent long hours honing their skill. Their determination got them out of bed for those early training sessions, to work on their weak areas to strengthen them and to keep on going regardless of setbacks.

Where in your life could you take strides to the best of your abilities with the talent you are given, strengthen the weak areas and bounce back from any setbacks? What dreams do you have that you could start taking steps today towards?

If you have any feedback or any questions how you can clarify your next steps and take action, get in touch either by email or call me on +44 (0) 1273 906 216 (UK) or +1 704 557 0126 (US).

All the best,

Midgie and Eve


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