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Acceptance and Taking it One Day at a Time

sick quoteHave you heard expression ‘what you resist, persists’?

Last week, I spent most of the week in bed! I was ill and unable to work or even focus on things. I had what seems to be a common cold and sinusitis however it knocked me off my feet. Now, that rarely happens to me and I was resisting it quite ferociously. Although initially I was to ill to even care about anything yet as I started to get better and become more aware, I was frustrated that I was being slowed down. I was also getting stressed about the impact it was having on work and my training.

When I get slowed down like that, it makes me ponder about possible changes to how I am approaching living my life to help me remain as healthy as possible. I even called Yolandé, a wise and trusted friend who I knew would understand where I was coming from with the drive to work hard, train hard and still live life!

I must admit that I was feeling somewhat sorry for myself and after telling her my ‘poor me’ story, whined ‘I don’t know what to do?’. I knew that my eating, resting/sleeping, and work/life was quite healthy (although I do sometimes overindulge in chocolate!) however I didn’t know what other shifts I could make to be even healthier.

The only area where I thought I could make some changes was to the intensity of my sports training I do. I’ve been training quite seriously with focus and intensity to complete an Olympic-distance triathlon. The original race date was 1st May however it was postponed until 2nd July. I have been loving the training and it was certainly not something I wanted to give up!

Luckily, Yolandé knows me very well and appreciates the significance for me to complete this triathlon (subject for another blog in the future!). She listened to my story and replied ‘It sounds to me like you don’t like the fact that you have become ill and you are resisting it. What would it be like if you simply accepted what was happening and focus on what you need to do today?

Acceptance and keeping it in the day!

Simple! In other areas of my life, I am aware of this principle related to acceptance and keeping things in the moment. I am even learning more about mindfulness which is about acceptance, curiosity and keeping things in the moment. However, I had simply not thought about it in relation to me being ill!

Thank you Yolandé for the reminder!

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