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Winning Strategies for Sports and Life

We are thrilled to announce that Winning Strategies for Sports and Life is now published and available on Amazon. Here are links to Amazon UK, Amazon US and Amazon Canada.

Midgie has also just published Soar with Confidence through Bookboon Publishers.

Midgie has coached hundreds of clients to achieve great things in their sporting, personal and business lives. In that time she identified what were the most important factors for success. In “Winning Strategies for Sport and Life” Midgie has distilled the most effective of these into an easy to use to use 12 point plan.

Using ideas developed from her coaching experience, NLP and sports psychology Midgie will help you develop your own model for personal excellence. If you want that extra competitive edge in your sport, business and personal life, this book and my step by step guide will help!

In addition to writing this excellent resource which can be used in many different ‘performance’ contexts, we provide motivational and mental performance coaching for individuals and teams through one-to-one coaching, workshops, articles and motivational speaking.

Soar with Confidence

Develop skills that top performers use to beat their fears, their PBs and the competition.

You can learn these same mental skills and strategies by working with Bright Futures Coaching to:

  • Increase your confidence and concentration
  • Help you overcome setbacks
  • Deal with that inner critic
  • Allay performance limiting nerves

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