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Winning Strategies books


We are delighted to announce that the newest book,  Winning Strategies Workbook, is now published and available. Links to Amazon are here UK, France, US and Canada and more about the workbook in our blog.

This workbook is based on Winning Strategies for Sports and Life (links to Amazon UK, France, US and Canada) drawing out the coaching questions and providing space to write your answers. By exploring the different mental skills and strategies that impact on your performance abilities, you will develop mental toughness to switch yourself on for any performance.

Midgie has coached hundreds of clients to achieve great things in their sporting, personal and business lives. She has studied successful athletes and identified what were the most important factors for success were in order to model their excellence. Midgie has distilled these elements and strategies into an easy-to-use plan contained in the Winning Strategies books.

Using concepts from coaching, NLP and sports psychology, Midgie can help you develop your own model for personal excellence and success. In addition to the motivational and mental performance coaching for individuals and teams (in person and via skype), Midgie is also available to deliver workshops and motivational speeches, and write articles for your publications.

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